UPnP - remote system not showing covers/art
I've just set up Kodi 14.2 on a pair of Fedora 21 systems. One is acting as the media server and the other is accessing the content on the server via UPnP. As a side note, the set up took me about 30 minutes and I had both systems going perfectly. Nice work out, Kodi team!

On the server system, my main menu will show Artists, Albums, Songs, Files, Library, and Add-ons under the Music selection. Also, I see some album covers at the top of the screen as Recently Added Albums. On the remote system, however, under Music I only see Files and Add-ons, and I have to dig into Files, then find the server, and dig into the different categories - Artists, Albums, etc.

I see similar results under the Video menu with the server showing recently added and a more extensive sub menu while the remote system doesn't have these options.

Is it possible for the remote system to have the enhanced menus that the server has? Have I missed a setting somewhere?

Currently this is a restriction of Kodi. If you use a upnp connection to your server the client will not have the media in its database. There seem to be some plans in version 15 to add this functionality.
An alternative might be using a central mySql database for you, then both systems would share all relevant info.
Thanks for the info.

I'm guessing I could bypass this my setting up an nfs share on my server box and then just mounting that from the remote machine, correct? I would lose the common library details - bookmarks, watched status, etc. - or do I even have that benefit through UPnP? If those bits aren't important, setting up the nfs share, mounting it remotely, and then building a library on each machine would take care of what I've lost thus far, I think.
Yes but as suggested you could use Mysql to bring it all together. syncing and sharing (wiki)
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UPnP - remote system not showing covers/art0
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