How to rename this
I hope im at the correct section, i have

Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Volume 1-2
Mister T The Complete First Season

how to rename it for scraper to pick it up. I cant seem to figure this out, i looked at renaming from KODI guide but no luck. I also started to use Media Center Master, Wow helped me out alot. Any way greatly appreciated for any help.
I think you will need to use an NFO file to name some of those. The first three are compilations not necessarily matching a TV "series". Mister T should be easy though.

Personally when I have scraper issues, what I do is to open up in my web browser and manually search for matches. This then lets me tweak the folder and file names until the scraper is then happy. Usually manage to get a match, but if all else fails I'll hand write a NFO. (Which I assume Media Centre Master is doing for you)

Taking your examples....

Looking at for "LOONEY TOONES GOLDEN COLLECTION VOL 1-6" it has a very bizarre *** 403: Series Not permitted ***. I assume they've been hit with some DMCA thing or other. This will explain the scraper fail as it could be causing a bogus match.

Look deeper though and you'll find Looney Tunes is listed:

Trouble is, those shows ran from 1929 to 2012 and the Collection will be episodes scattered throughout that era!

Your Mr T disk will be simple. Mister T s01e01e13 should handle that.

What format are these in? Are the DVD ISOs? VIDEO_TS folders? Or separate MKV files? Obviously the third option being the simplest to deal with.
Thanks for the help I have both .ISO and Video_TS folders. I have more that i cant seem to find but never thought to open and look if i find them.
The scrapers are designed around separate TV episodes. With compilation DVDs like yours you have multiple episodes on one disk. And these are no doubt in a different order to listing.

I have not yet solved this issue fully myself as the only VIDEO_TS folders I've indexed so far are film. They are a simple one to one mapping.

Someone else on the Forum should have solved this as this should be a common question. If not, I'll be back when I get time to spare in the coming week as I have a Tom and Jerry DVD (among others) which would work in the same way.

I am expecting that an NFO can be constructed that lists the episodes on the disk.

I'll be back...
Use filebot to do the renaming for you. Then use kodi to scrape the renamed files.

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