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Mod -  CarPC-touch
Here are some screenshots of my mod:




So the last button, with "System Update" written on it, connects now to the Live TV options. I want it to read "Live TV". Where do I have to go?

primitivereason - I'm trying to change what one of the buttons does, can you point me in the right direction? To change the text for System Update you need to go to the label on the home.xml file
FosterLee, in order to change what a button does, you have to open home.xml and look for the <onclick> something </onclick> command. There you change the command. For example, in order to change the favourites button into Live TV, I changed it into this: <onclick>ActivateWindow(tvchannels)</onclick>.

Here is all the available Windows ID in Kodi: Window_IDs (wiki)

Lets say you want to change <onclick>ActivateWindow(tvchannels)</onclick> and turn it into a button to open the Music Library. You would change (tvchannels) into (musiclibrary). That's it!

Just remember that if the 16x9 folder doesn't have the correspondent .xml file, you will have to write it or look for it in the original skin zip file. In this case, this is based out of the ReTouched skin, so you can for it there.

So in order to the music library button to work, you would need a correspondent MyMusicNav.xml file inside the 16x9 folder.
FosterLee, thanks for the hint! I guess I wasn't focused, it was quite obvious... "Label" LOL! What else do you think we could insert into this skin? I am thinking about replacing the Navigation button with Advanced Launcher, but I still don't know if you can launch a iOS or Android app through Kodi.
I'm wanting to to change the Programs button to link to an OBD 2 addon.
OK, so I guess I am almost finished modding this skin. I added PVR Live TV Support and Radio. In the Settings Menu I also added the TV Settings menu. Still need to erase the specific Raspberry Pi CarPC scripts, but I guess this is 95% done!

Try it out!

FosterLee, let me see what is the command for that...
Here are some pics of my mod of this skin.

watch gallery
Primitivereason drop me a PM about your mods.
(2015-09-10, 11:51)vinzc Wrote: @idorel77

Just wow! That's perfect. Thanks for the work!

I've also noticed once the slideshow (from library "Pictures") is active there's no going back. I need a keyboard to hit "Back". Can it be fixed? (I'll also try looking that up on my own.)

The logo shall be 400 pixel square, transparent PNG.

Hi vinzc, i will look and i will try to fix that also.
Hi Primitivereason, nice work .
idorel77 I'm wanting to change the programs button to run an app instead of the programs page, can you offer any advice?
(2015-09-11, 21:22)kewlhtpc Wrote: Hi idorel,
I really luv this skin a lot. And I was wondering if it is a possibility to change some of the home buttons to execute a different function.
ie: substitute the FM Radio button for a streaming radio like shoutcast, Pandora etc.
And also substitute the navigation button for a navigation app of my choice. I use iGO Primo.
What I'm trying to describe is if I tap and hold a button can a app be assigned to that button? Can this be added to the code?
I see that this skin is geared towards Rpi2 and not Android tablets.
This is the Kodi version for Android 5.0 that is installed on my 7" tablet.
thanks heeps for this excellent skin my friend. Smile

Hi , glad you like it.
I made this skin for Rpi carpc but you can use on android or other system very well, but i can't make the buttons customisable for all systems.
You can change Radio and Navigation buttons with Pictures and Favourites .

For custom buttons you can edit Home.xml or Includes.xml.

Tips. For Pandora etc... you can change the Radio button with Favourite and go to Pandora addon and add to Favourite.

I don't find it yet how to make a home custom button , for add any addon for ex....
(2015-09-15, 08:38)FosterLee Wrote: idorel77 I'm wanting to change the programs button to run an app instead of the programs page, can you offer any advice?

Hi , sorry for the moment you have to edit Home.xml and edit Programs button.
I assume I edit this bit -


But don't know what to change it to. I have also considered changing from 6 to 4 buttons on the home page and also add a 2nd home screen.
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