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Mod -  CarPC-touch
Even if I know how to operate it, new users may not. I find it incredibly unhelpful to not have proper instructions. But hey, we are the cool geeks right? We love wasting time fiddling around. And anybody that is not as smart as ourselves is stupid and does not deserve to use any other skin than the default. Haha. Arrogance speaking?
I'm just saying, if your using Kodi you probably know what your doing. It's not necessarily a noob type of app. Not saying a computer illiterate person wouldn't enjoy Kodi... But...
logic crumbling. I understand where you are heading. But why not have new users enjoy this skin as well. With Kodi I often run into this mentality that any user who is not as tech savvy as core devs is frowned upon and I am really not sure if that is a warm and welcoming style towards new users. It's not that hard to include a nice how-to in the initial forum post of this thread. Maybe even include this skin in the Kodi internal selection. Both currently not the case so that's why I was asking for at least a good how-to. But yes, maybe not.

Possible solution:

- ssh into your idevice
- put downloaded zip into e.g. packages folder. find out where that folder is: Userdata (wiki)
- see here how to install an add-on from a zip file: http://xbmc-skins.com/basic-page/how-install-skin
(2015-09-15, 21:15)primitivereason Wrote: Hi everyone! I have made some more changes to this skin. Here are the changes so far:

- PVR (IPTV) access
- Radio streaming access
- PVR settings access
- Kodi standard logo
- Left exit button for Android systems without a physical button
- Removed some Skin Settings, namely the extra Raspberry Pi options (Navigation and Radio FM buttons removed)

To do:
- Advanced Launcher button for Apps
- Movies library button
- Series library button



Thanks! I shared it with a portuguese Facebook group for testing and for them to tell me what it is missing. I think this skin has the potential to become the main smartphone Kodi skin.

Here's how it looks now. What else could we fit in here? Smile

watch gallery

@primitivereason Can those nice changes be pushed to GitHub so they can be merged into the official branch?
Movie and TV shows button would be important.
What's missing to make this a Kodi skin available via the internal skin selection? I agree that this has the most potential to become the Kodi default smartphone skin.
Just wondering if there are any more recent updates before I dig into the code and make it fit my own needs? I love this design so kudos for the great work!
I want to try and setup an old note 1 for my car, but I have a question regarding on how to change the middle logo?

I'd appreciate any help I could get thanks!
It comes with logos, can't remember how to switch it. I always had it on the GPS center.
I've looked in the zip file but I can't seem to find the file for the logo.
When I installed it, it added like 30 car logos to my gallery
Oh perfect, I'll install it first then, thanks!
I'm a beginner at this & i'm trying to install the carpc touch skin on my raspberry pi. Can anyone help me with this please?
I've downloaded the zip file onto my PC but i cannot figure out how i get it onto my raspberry pi. it doesn't show up in the add on list in appearance.

thank you
Hi, i like this skin very much and would love to use it with the official pi Touchscreen and openelec (milhouse build kodi 16) as this beta works great with this touchscreen.

I habe problems with installing it under openelec though.

I get an error regarding unmet dependencies.

Can somebody provide any help making it work?

The original re-touched skin works fine btw..


Edit: Got it working with my official raspi 7'' display.
It did not work when updating by the menu. It worked fine when i copied the uncompressed zip into the
folder directly. Next step is translating it to German some more.
(2015-11-10, 12:07)Gballs Wrote: Working on a texture pack for this skin for Volkswagen cars.
If anyone is intrested i can upload it:


Hi, I have an mk4 and i'm interested in this skin! can you please upload the Zip? or email me [email protected]

(2015-11-10, 12:07)Gballs Wrote: Working on a texture pack for this skin for Volkswagen cars.
If anyone is intrested i can upload it:

I love your work.
Currently I use different brand logo in my vw.
Once I tried change logo file by myself, but I ended up having mis-unligned and distorted logo.
So I have great interest in your work and humbly ask your skin.
This skin is blazing fast on my generic low-end Android tablet with only 512Mb of RAM. I'll definitely keep it here, customize it a bit, and set it as the default launcher. Thanks!
(Edit: it's missing a battery meter, and an easy way of updating the library)
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