Adding Music videos manually

I've a load of Minecraft videos which I've downloaded for my Kids.

I want them to appear as Music videos (in the Concert section in using Aeon Nox).

As they are videos I've made I cant scrap them properly and so I've set up NFO files for each one (theres 10).

I'd like them to be grouped under a 'folder' in the Concert section, but I cant get this to happen even with 'Group movies in sets' selected.

This is what is listed in the NFO file:

<title>Fly like an Enderman</title>
<album>Minecraft Videos</album>
<plot>Minecraft Video</plot>

Is there any way to do this? Is there anything incorrect in the NFO file?

Not sure about 'Concerts' - I don't use Aeon Nox - but I put mine under Music Videos. Here's a minimal sample that works, if it's any help:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <title>Minecraft: A Whole World Made for Me</title>
    <artist>Minecraft Medley</artist>

It may just be that you're missing the opening xml tag? I also don't know how 'album' and 'track' will work outside the Music library.

Go, TryHardNinja :-)
That get the video into the library fine - thanks.

But I still cant get it to display in a folder / group.

I want to avoid having kids videos scattered through my Concert library and would rather have one folder with them in.

I'd be happy to group my other music videos under their artist or something similar...
I guess it's something specific to that skin and how it handles the Concerts menu item, then... maybe post a Q to the relevant skin subforum about how to effectively have a division or submenus (or however it works)?
ISTM when it comes to music video, for grouping the only thing you have is "artist" and "album", and album isn't all that great so you are down to "artist".

scott s.
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Adding Music videos manually0
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