Kodi Comic Book Reader (.cbr files)?
With Kodi being my home media center solution for movies, tv, music, and photos, I was wondering if there is an Add-on capable of opening and displaying comic book files of the .CBR file type? I would love to have the ability to read some comic books on the big screen while sitting on the couch or laying in bed.

I believe there is a PDF add on that ONLY displays images and no text and that's the best we get Sad Def +1 for a cbr reader!
Check out this (very) old thread...

and here is another example, using the ACE skin...

Also, I read this (seems easy enough)...

Viewing CBR's and Pics
One of the things XBMC is capable of is viewing your photos of all types including RAR ,CBR, CBZ ,and many other forms of compressed files.
You can make your own .cbr file by putting some of your photos in a folder compress them and rename the rar from "photo.rar" to "photo.cbr"
Comics and picture navigation are the same.
0-9 number keys will zoom
left and right arrows will go to next and previous while in default view
if you have zoom engaged press "comma" and "period" keys to go to next and previous page or photo.
Supported picture/image formats:
CBR/CBZ comic books (RAR/ZIP archives renamed)
BMP picture/image
JPG/JPEG picture/image
GIF picture/image
ICO picture/image
PCX picture/image
PNG picture/image
RAW picture/image
TIF/TIFF picture/image
TGA picture/image
Without a way to set the zoom level and location (or at least a change of defaults that makes comic reading easy) there needs to be some work. When to read each page changing the zoom level then slowly pan to the top, slowly pan to the bottom as you read then repeat on the next page, it's just too slow.
Being able to set default zoom level to fit width, and start with displaying the top of the next picture would be enough for most comics.
I can't get any use from the arrow keys. I presume it's the arrow keys on the numpad section of the keyboard. The numbers option for making the image bigger or smaller works fine.
Comic book reader in 2018?
come on developers.please make a addon for comic book reading!
Wow, been a long time. But there are numerous Comic Book Apps you can use with Android (and work with Android TV on such devices like the Nvidia Shield TV), that you can launch from Kodi, will open the App, then when you close the App, it will return to Kodi. Here is how to do this in Android (from my own personal notes)...

So you can launch any Android app on your Shield TV, by going to Programs / Android programs, then make the App a Favorite. You can also create a shortcut for these apps, so you can launch them from your home screen within Kodi (Need a Skin like Aeon MQ7 to do this). The best part is, when you exit the application, you are automatically back within Kodi.

One such App...

Here is a discussion on other readers...

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