Divide movie list by first letter
I have a fairly long list of movies. I'd like to have them grouped by the first letter. So, when I go into Movies, I'd have choices like:
  • All Movies
  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • ....

That way I could browse through all of the movies or jump straight to a letter. How can I do this in Kodi? I'm using Kodi 15.0 “Isengard” Beta 1. I'm guessing some type of Smart Playlist? You can group by actor: <group>actors</group>; is there some way to say <group>first character of title</group>?
I can't answer your question directly, but I can suggest a work around assuming you are using a keyboard.

If you press SHIFT+<letter> it will jump to that letter in the list. Also, if you use the scroll bar to move up/down it will hover the letter you are currently going through (if I recall).
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There's an option in library mode (left slide out) to sort by Title and as Jogee mentioned SHIFT+<letter> it will jump to that letter in the list, you don't need a playlist to do that.

But what I think you want to do is have folders, A, B, C, D etc...and manually shuffle your videos into them. Don't bother, the tools in Kodi are so powerful for sorting in all manner (all according to Titile or whatever) that your micro managing will just gum up the works and the library. Let Kodi do the work for you, if you must have folders (large collections are like that) make your folders follow specific genre names, but these will all be transparent when your library is established, and only be use for maintenance in file mode.
You can do this with video nodes (wiki). Make a node for each letter using the rule "title begins with...".

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Divide movie list by first letter0
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