kodi upgrade from xbmc
I am new here and not anywhere as technical as you all are. I am not sure where to post this and am just learning the rules.
I have an apple TV2 that has newest kodi on it working fine.
I now have my old ATV2 which was setup and used on a mac. I have it now. It had old xbmc on it. I want to load kodi on it and give it back to them.
I can only do this on my pc. If I do this can I give it back to them and will they be able to use it? Will it recognise the different IP address they have at their huse once they plug it in
Also not sure how to upgrade the old xbmc to new kodi on my pc?
Do I use their IP address from there house or use the one at my house?
If I use mine will it auto change once they plug it in at their house?
I do not want to get blocked from discussing or learning I just am not sure what I can and cannot ask?
Thank you very much
Kodi should take on the IP of the system connection. Never tried moving a entire build, not even sure it's possible unless it's in portable mode. installing (wiki) Kodi is pretty complex, not like some one file video players, it has libraries, dependencies, language and other neat stuff. I would think it a task to move en-mass unless your boxes are basically identical is going to be a time waster. I suspect you're suggesting this 'can an installed add-on be simply copied over? answer is yes', but you not only need the add-on folder but the C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\addon_data, might be simplier to just grab the zips out of the add-on/packages and directly install.
Thank you for the reply but sorry I don"t understand you at all
I cant get kodi helix installed over the xbmc on the 2nd apple tv 2 machine. Tried 4different tutorials on you tube using ssh, manually typed in the the text off wiki into ssh putty and when I hook up to tv I still see the old xbmc icon?
Your ATV2 has to be jailbroken, running at least iOS 4.1, and a second generation ATV2. If all three of these prerequisites have not been met, a Kodi install will not be possible.
All that is done it was running xbmc for a year no problem. Then xbmc didnt work anymore after kodi came out.
I am trying to install kodi from my pc using windows 8.1
Have you tried the steps from the wiki: http://kodi.wiki/view/HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_on_Apple_TV_2

I'm stumped since I'm only familiar with Linux, Windows, and Android installs.
Yes 5 times. in these forums there is confusion on the wiki as it is old info they say and has some entries that dont make sense?
Moved from Windows forum to the iOS forum.
I don't know why you are having a specific issue, but honestly, I wouldn't bother with this at all. We're dropping ATV2 support in Kodi v15. The best thing you can do is just sell it on ebay and use the money to buy something better, like an Amazon Fire TV or Google Nexus Player. For those boxes you don't have to do any jailbreaking or any complicated instructions, they're tons faster, and don't have any of the issues that the ATV2 suffers from.
Hi Ned
Is the Amazon fire tv really that much better? How do I know which version to get? Do I have to load all te addons on like ATV2. Saw several on ebay but not sure which to buy.
All of the Fire TV boxes are basically the same. See Amazon Fire TV (wiki).

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