Audio stops when switching channel
If I use my remote's up/down buttons to change channel, sometimes the new channel starts (after buffering) with no audio. If I switch to another channel and then back to the one that wasn't working, it tends to work then but it would be good if this bug could be fixed so that it wasn't necessary.
It's almost certainly a bug in tvheadend, I have that issue on one channel and one channel only. Try filing a bug report on and try to include a tvheadend trace debug log of when the issue happens.
Thanks, will do. I think I had it happen on more than one channel but I'll check that.
This used to be a problem since the beginning of tvheadend until about 6-9 months ago...can't remember exact commit but it was fixed with in one go.
The problem has arisen again fairly recently and now is basically the same as it was way back..

Roughly 1 in 7-8 channel changes = no sound.
@robo989 can you make a proper log from tvheadend since it happens that often?
This seems to be fixed with OE testbuild #809 and the latest tvh. I haven't had any problems changing channel with the Ch+/- keys.

I did have it repeatedly lock up when going to the EPG and changing channel (Buffering stuck on 0%) but I rebooted to clear the log (it was about 600MB) and after that I haven't been able to recreate it.

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Audio stops when switching channel0
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