"Buffrering %" instead of "Working"

when start new video or live tv channel on the bottom right corner appears "Working", I think that instead of it should be "Buffering %", so user can know the progress of uploading video/channel.

It's not buffering when that appears.
ok, but can we see some progress instead "Working", like in "percents %"?

How long is a piece of string?
"Working" usually means trying to extract the correct video location out of the webpage's source, then detecting the video size and audio streams, and initialising the engines to start.
Since the source can redirect several times, and the sizes differ and can't be known beforehand, the percentage would be wildly inaccurate.

Combine this with the fact that it normally (on any decent add-on) doesn't take longer than a second or two, it doesn't make much sense.

I am guessing you might be seeing it longer because you are using add-ons we don 't support here. These are usually written inefficiently and access filelocker servers etc that do multiple redirections and in general respond slow.

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"Buffrering %" instead of "Working"0
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