Mirror issues: canadian mirror
Im tryign to download the andriod apk, it is taking a very long time, and half way inbetween the download it fails, been tryign to do this for 4 hours now. I have tried turning fire wall off, antivirus off, hooking directly from the modem into my PC, and still nothing is working, it is still downloading at very slow speeds then failing.

Edit: I think something is wrong with the "http://mirror.its.dal.ca/xbmc/releases/android/arm/kodi-14.2-Helix-armeabi-v7a.apk" gateway. I turned on Hola which for those who down know is a downloadable extension for google chrome that is essentially a prox. it switched where i got my download from and downloaded in 2 mins. "http://mirror.jmu.edu/pub/xbmc/releases/android/arm/kodi-14.2-Helix-armeabi-v7a.apk" is the mirror that worked for me.
Yep, mirror.its.dal.ca links are timing out for me as well.
You can also manually choose a mirror by clicking on the details link on our redirector:


Much easier than using a proxy Smile
We occasionally have a bad egg in the mirrors. Usually they resolve the issues within a day or so.
If they are in serious troubles they are automatically removed from the results list.

You can see the mirror statuses here:

Having a lot of trouble trying to get KODI installed on a friends android tablet for him..

Nothing seems to want to DL, even the .apk takes FOREVER..

Got it DL'd and then none of the KODI addon's seem to want to DL or they take forever.

I am located in Toronto Canada and I am pretty sure it is connecting to the Dalhousie server, which when I connect to using chrome seems to be acting up too..

Is there a way I can force KODI to use another mirror or can someone have a look and see what is going on with said mirror?

I accidentally posted a thread about this under the Android section without realizing it until I logged back in to check for a response..

I am having a heck of a time connecting to any of the mirrors to DL Kodi or any of the addons...

I am trying to DL the android build (arm) for my friends tablet.. I have installed it on 2 other identical tablets and not had any issues but that was weeks ago...

Can someone check and see what is going on?

I am in toronto canada...

Is there even a way to get KODI to use a specific mirror??

Oh and sorry about the double post.. Can a mod please delete my previous one in the android area...
I didn't have an issue connecting with a .ca mirror (from Toronto) for an Android Kodi 4.2 build. mirrors (wiki) and this list http://mirrors.kodi.tv/list.html
When did you try??

I have been trying for 2 days.. Yesterday was not great.. today is all but impossible.. To DL the .apk on my windows machine expected time was 4 hrs! I have Bell Fibe for my ISP too..

It seems to be trying to connect to the Dalhouise university site for me and sometimes (on windows using chrome) it times out and if i retry it will connect..

There is something really wierd going on...
Im trying to Install Kodi on my Minix Neo Z64 Android also, but facing the same problems at the moment.

I installed my repo's in Kodi at resources, but it seems Kodi can't contact those servers. I cant install any addon at the moment...

Is this a known issue? Any solutions or info about this?

Thank you in advance!
Threads merged.
I have disabled the Dalhousie University mirror for now.
@Martijn could you contact them, their servers are having issues.
Works great now!

Thanks for your help! And sorry about the double post and in the wrong area to boot!Blush
Seems like it's on the fritz again, and this is coming from someone located in Halifax (i.e. right next to Dalhousie's servers).

There doesn't appear to be a way to select an alternate mirror via the new site... or am I being an idiot here?
This site (in Netherlands) proved more reliable... directory structure looks like the mirror, so may be another mirror site? Posted here FWIW in case others are struggling.

append ?mirrorlist to the file

for example:
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(2016-01-09, 03:26)lostandconfused Wrote: This site (in Netherlands) proved more reliable... directory structure looks like the mirror, so may be another mirror site? Posted here FWIW in case others are struggling.

I have never heard of them.
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