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bloodhod Offline
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(2015-06-04 14:11)zag Wrote:  
(2015-06-04 14:08)Lunatixz Wrote:  Hey, can I get an api key?
Thanks for putting this together...

Sure see PM.

Keep us informed what you come up with, so others don't duplicate efforts Wink

Hi i wanna get api key too. Can I?
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linarcx Offline
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(2017-02-01 17:11)docwra Wrote:  API keys are given out to users who describe their app and usage.

NOTE: We do not give them out for IPTV servers.

I really need to work on a more automated way of doing this Wink
hi Zag and thank you for this great effort.i am developing a mobile app and need some logo for tvchannels.
i try to send a private message for you but no permission.
can i have an API-Key or i need to tell you more about my app?
thanks in advance.
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glenncal Offline
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We are in the final stages of developing an iOS IPTV app, and are looking into channel logo sources. Would it be possible to get an API key?

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docwra Offline
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Sorry we don't give out keys for IPTV apps. We gave out a few and they had huge API demand and bandwidth.

[Image: cook.png] Formally chef Zag
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