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Blackbolt Classic Skin remade for v2.0 skinning inside
Blackbolt Classic Skin 2.0 for XBMC Released

This skin was originally made by Blackbolt for version 1.0 of XBMC and Has been completely redone by me (Jezz_X) to make it compatible with version 2.0 of the XBMC skin engine. Included are the 2 other color themes that were originally shipped as separate skins they are MOONLIGHT (Blue) and FARENHEIT (Red), the default theme CLASSIC is GREEN.

As we have many more options in XBMC 2.0, if you use the two included themes you will need to change the text color to match the theme this can be done in 'Settings\skin settings\Change Font Colors to Match skin Theme'.
All extra strings that need translation (if you wish to) are found at the top of the includes.xml in the PAL and PAL16x9 Directory of the skin between the two fields below:

<!-- Begin Translate section -->
<!-- End Translate section -->

The rest should translate with XBMC Language files. The Skin supports full HD Resolutions and Widescreen. The version number is 2.0 to reflect the retrofit to XBMC 2.0.0.Hope you like the remake have fun with it and please report any errors you find in it.

Click for a Full Sized screenshot.




DOWNLOAD HERE <--- under the mc360 one

Blackbolt Classic Skin remade for v2.0 skinning inside00