Apple Movie trailers - several problems/questions
I have some questions and problems with apple Movie trailers.

1) where can I download the latest version? On xbmcscripts I found 0.92 but where is 0.93.5 on the web?

2) I had 0.92 preinstalled with t3ch build. I used the internal updater to update to 0.93.5 but something is wrong. Immediately after starting it it shows the full list of films, but as I scroll and hit the first one down the list it starts downloading the thumbnail, which takes 10 seconds, and only then can I scroll down to the next title. Since the list is alphabetical that means it would take 20 minutes to scroll all the way down. I guess it should download all graphics in advance but something went wrong. I uninstalled the script from the scripts directory completely but after reinstallation it still has the full list of all movies, so where is it installed, and how do I completely uninstall it?

3) with 0.93.5 installed I can still click update. It then thinks I have 0.93 and suggests to download 0.93.5. This fails since I am already running it and it cant overwrite itself. Should the version number be updated to 0.93.5?

Basically I need a complete deinstall and start over. Thats why I'd like to know how to fully uninstall and where to het 0.93.5 directly from web so I dont need 0.92 first.
1. the newest version is always in svn.

2. that's the way it works, if you switch to poster thumbs it will download the whole genre.

3. the version number is an error, i just committed a fix. so if it bothers you delete version 0.93.5 and re update from an earlier version.

I just committed a new version, you can only get it in SVN. It uses a new Database system and studios and favorite lists are enabled. I would'nt update yet if you're going to be upset by bugs, since theres bound to be some.

If anyone does update thru svn to version 0.94 (can't get it with the update button) When it asks you to load the movie info, You should choose Yes. If you don't you will have issues. That process can take 45 minutes or more depending on your internet connection.

After this update, the database and .cache folder should be compatable, so future updates won't be as long.

Edit: one note with versions pre 0.94, if you try and load all genres you WILL run out of memory.
thanks, I'll try the 0.94 and switch to poster thumbs
i just committed a fix for 0.94. Poster thumbs are not needed for 0.94, but be warned, there are issues.
How do I get 0.94 through svn? I went there but do I need to save each file seperately with a right click?

In the meantime I fooled around with 0.93.5. On startup it keeps saying my database is not compatible and needs to be regenerated. Can I delete it? I already deleted all files in the script folder twice and reinstalled.

also I switched off poster thumbs but nothing appeared to change.

So I have my hopes up for 0.94

I went here:
As it's been stated before, you get the latest version from svn, WITH svn software, tortoisesvn is what i use.

A fix is in for the database incompatible error on version 0.93.5.
Dont know if there is a trick here Nuka but I removed the entire directory from scripts and upped the new one. When it starts the whole of the system locks up when it tries to initialize... get past the using default settings etc. and then it slams on the brakes.
version 0.94 requires the most current buid of XBMC.
My build is less than a week old :/
hmm, well i don't know. I just committed some changes. You won't get that incompatible settings message unless you have a settings.txt file.

I recommend a fresh install if using 0.94. You may use your /data/.cache/ folder if it's a newer version. ( you can tell by looking inside and if there are subfolders and no files in the root folder, it's compatible.)

Again for now, you must answer Yes to the load movie info.

Let me know.
Update: I did an install using todays CVS and I must say... I am VERY impressed. The initial database creation took some time but its ages smoother than before. Now all that is missing is the search button and we are good to go. BTW. Is there a reason why the save path is not changeable? I simply edited settings.txt to reflect the path I have used in the past to get it to change.
Thanks for the help Nuka1195. I never used SVN before. Will try everything tonight.
harsh if you have download & save selected the save path should be enabled.
Just downloaded 0.94 and did a clean install. It says (running) but my xbox freezes completely (I have 15-10-2006 t3ch build).
forgot to mention - it does do something but that passes my screen quickly. then I just sees the scripts folder and this one has (running) behind it.
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