Solved can not send private message? who knows?
Right right, I'll play along.

Normally people just post their logs to a pastebin-like website, such as or If there is sensitive information or some technical reason for posting a log directly to a dev, you should first ask the dev if that's okay to send to them. A lot of our devs don't like to be PM'ed directly for support unless they've specifically asked for something, and many of them have turned off the ability to receive PMs for their accounts. For some of them, too many people PM them directly instead of just posting about something, so it's another good reason to ask them in a normal post about the issue and how they might want to receive logs or other data. They might want you to e-mail a log or use some other means of sharing. They might not even need a log, but might need a file sample instead, and in that case a PM won't help at all.
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