Solved List of Movies not found by scraper
When I added a new source (using Confluence) most of the movies were found with the movie scraper, but some did not. The only way to know was in Videos, left click on source and go through each movie selecting Show Movie Information. If the scraper found the movie it would work, but if not it would open the manual editor to redo the name.

Other than that I could not find any other way to identify if a movie in the source was added to the Movies/Title list.

Is there a way to list those movies which are in the Source listing but not in the Movies Title listing, in other words, those the scraper could not find? I can then go through each one, identify the name problem and resubmit it.
Check out the Missing Movie add-on.
I'm not sure this would work after reading the description of the Add On. In my case the video file exists, but the title is bad so the scraper could not find it. For example, if I have a ISO file and I name it "A9432.iso" then the scraper will not find it. It will appear in the list if you click on the Source .. but it does not appear in the list if you click on Movies/Titles.

If the Add On scans the Source list it will find A9432 and see there is a file for it. If it scans the Movies/Titles list it won't find an entry so it won't check for a video.

What I need for the Add On to do is scan the Source list (library?) and check if the scraper found it. If the scraper did find the movie then there will an entry in the Movies/Title list .. otherwise no. It is this group that I then need to go in and manually fix the title.

But maybe I missed something in the Add On description.
Looking at that again I can see I may have misinterpreted how the Add On works. I thought it scanned the library and looked for video files. I think what it actually does is scans video files and see if it has been added to the library already.

Best way to find out I guess is to download the add on and give it a try. Thanks Ned for pointing this out.
Ned, that worked perfectly. Thanks heaps.

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