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AMLogic - try and fix your Audio and Video playback problems.
Just a quick question, if I restart my box will I need to run the code again? I have the option "run script at startup" enabled in universal init.d.


I have an MXIII-G running 106L Lollipop Firmware. When I play any movie from my NAS the video will just stop and go pixelated however the audio will continue to play. I have tried all three hardware acceleration options and none enabled and the issue still remains. I have also tried the script listed on page one to enable dynamic switching on a rooted box. Enabling the dynamic switching actually is causing the video to skip regardless of video hardware acceleration option is enabled. My TV does support 24p and does switch as well.

Can anyone provide some assistance? Could this be firmware related?
I have been dealing with an Audio Delay issue since I upgraded to Isengard about 2 weeks ago. I have been going from one forum to another looking for different repair options and have yet to find one that works.

I have a Matricom Midnight G-Box 2 and has been working just fine until I upgraded to Kodi 15.2.

Anyone have a resolution for me?
Hi everybody,

I've got a question.
I have a s89-H and I am familiar with the AM logic issues as well as the solutions as presented in post #1.
I had similar issues and solved them likewise, see this post: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid1801878

Now, coming from 14.2 trying 16RC3, on my CRT (yes.........still......Sad) tv, I've got black screen after starting Kodi for the first time and then the screen STAYS black until reboot. After reverting back to 14.2 back with Titanium everything is normal again. I read the gui is now HD, so I guess video out is now HDMI (which I don't have on my CRT obviously), but I haven't tested this yet.

Can anyone tell me which of the files from post #1 (or another one?), is the one that I have to make read-only before starting Kodi 16RC3, to prevent it from changing contents and therefore having HDMI only, so that I can watch Kodi 16RC3 on my CRT through AV-out.

Your help can save me a lot a time searching for the file that is causing the hdmi-only-output myself.
Perhaps this one? /sys/class/display/display0.HDMI/mode


I've got it, this is it: /sys/class/display/mode. Start value: 576cvbs, set permissions to 444.
So in a startup script this would be it:

chmod 444 /sys/class/display/mode

In addition, if you want Kodi to automatically boot as soon as all permissions are fixed (and not a second earlier) add this to your init.d script:
am start -n org.xbmc.kodi/.Splash

Finally, if you want a reboot button right inside Kodi (even if you have a ROM without reboot buttons) Google for "reboot android kodi", it's a plugin in an unsupported repository. Use skin shortcuts to add it to your Kodi power menu.

This way with quite some tweaking and modding the s805 already was a pretty great device for me. The only real problems I had with s805 (some 720p framedrops, I suspect due to scaling as I don't have that issue with 1080p, and HEVC is not always smooth either) seem to be fixed in s905 making it almost the perfect SoC for me (I like Android 5 way better and the default ROM on the device seems more mature as well as quite decent support for CEC).

All that's missing for me is Dolby and DTS passthrough over HDMI (all audio over HDMI gets downmixed to stereo). Passthrough over SPDIF works fine but it would be nicer to have only 1 A/V cable required to hook it all up. When I was testing OpenELEC on my s805 passthrough was fine as I remember it btw, so the hardware is certainly capable of HDMI passthrough.
Hi guys,

Thanks wrxtasy for the help, I've made some changes directly in my firmware and I've checked at all files have the correct permissions but I'm still getting the audio delay issue. I'm running Kodi 16.0, is there anything else I can do?
Yesterday a friend of mine turn on his android box and found that it updated on its own from kodi to jarvis and now he has no sound in the program its self. I know alot about computers and technology but i cant seem to fix this issue. Now i dont want to update mine scared of same thing happening to me. But i also noticed on the andriod boxes for kodi 15.2 that the movies and some other apps on it are no updating anymore..Please help with the audio so i can update mine as wel.[/size][/i][/b][/color]
Having a codec problem causing SD (576i) contents to stutter.

Running Tvheadend on a NAS server, and Kodi 16.0 (Google Play) on a AMLogic S905, Android 5.1 box (http://www.geekbuying.com/item/MXQ-Pro-4...61629.html)

In Kodi settings, 3 codecs are available and enabled:

MediaCodec (Surface)

The following contents play smoothly through the Tvheadend HTSP add-on:

1. HD 1080i TV channels - Live stream (e.g. 9HD)
2. HD 1080i TV channels - Recorded shows
3. SD 576i TV channels - Live stream (e.g. ABC2)

However, playback is stuttered heavily when playing SD 576i recorded shows. Shows are recorded using the default Tvheadend profile ("pass"), no transcoding.

Disabling amcodec elimiates the 576i stuttering, but HD channels and recordings all have massive frame drops.

How do I debug and fix this situation?

EDIT: Have verified that everything is running @ PAL 50Hz, and I've applied the chmod 666 fix via Universial init.d
AMLCodec is currently rewritten. Sync, especially with LiveTV is pure luck ... so if it works, it works by chance :-)
"Your most vocal users are not reflective of your userbase" J.M.
"Of course, they [XP Users and people with outdated hardware] need to tell the world about the kind of hero they are, and block innovation for everyone else because their decades old OS / hardware needs to work =p" nevcairiel (ffmpeg)
No Debug Log no issue.
Ahhh the joys of a new AML S905 SDK, new AML Kernel containing buggy code with undocumented features, that includes Kodi incompatibilities to boot !

Yep I can confirm all those issues. I suggest you go into Android Settings and play around with Playback Settings > HDMI Self Adaptation as well, turning it On/Off.

Mediacodec does not do Hardware decoding of mpeg2 content at all and defaults to ffmpeg Software decoding and lousy CPU deinterlacing on the S905. That is what those problem HD Oz channels are encoded with. AMLogic are aware of this Mediacodec (Stagefright) mpeg2 Hardware decode issue. It is possibly a Google Android OS issue as well.

Connect a Keyboard and pull up the OSD Video Codec panel with the "O" key, and you will soon see what I mean.
Hi Kodi devs,

Thanks for the replies. I'll try the HDMI Self-Adaptation settings tonight. Also, how can I help with testing the amcodec rewrite?

Last night I did more fiddling with codecs (before I had a chance to read the forum replies). With only amcodec enabled, I tried playback of TV recordings from numerous channels. I can confirm that ONLY ABC2 was stuttering. Other SD 576p channels are unaffected (e.g. 9Gem)

Looking at OSD codecs info of ABC2 / 9Gem recordings, I couldn't tell any significant difference:

9Gem recording, am-mpeg2 codec OSD screenshot (smooth playback): https://imgur.com/COFhZMa

ABC2 recording, am-mpeg2 codec OSD screenshot (stuttered playback): http://imgur.com/ikoLyWK

Also, I tried switching Android resolution from 1080p 50Hz to 720p 50Hz, but that didn't improve the situation.

Next thing I tried was disabling amcodec and enabling MediaCodec (Surface) only. I found this codec allows me to playback all SD/HD/mpeg2/h264 TV recordings smoothly.

However, when I played live TV streams, guess what? Only FFmpeg software decoding was used. This is really weird. What's preventing the live streams to use MediaCodec (Surface)?
Mediacodec interlaced mpeg2 issues are and Android OS problem. The same 25/50Hz mpeg2 issues are popping up on the nVIDIA Shield as well using Mediacodec (surface).

I would suggest pulling up the Video Settings OSD page. When dc:ff-mpeg2 Software decoding is taking place, change the deinterlace mode from Auto to something else may help.

How is it going to be fixed ?

WeTek are currently re-writing the amcodec decoder for the Kodi Krypton release, that should decode mpeg2 Interlaced material again using the AML Hardware decoder on S9XX's, just like us guys with AML S8XX hardware currently enjoy.
Workaround for amlogic MPEG2 codec issue - I told Tvheadend to transcode all the ABC2 shows to h264. (p.s. Still haven't tested "HDMI Self-Adaptation")

I’m having the MX2 box (AML8726-MX) and also had video issues after upgrading to Kodi (now on v16).
Thanks to the instructions mentioned in this post my playing issues are fixed. Now everything is working fine again with HDMI output.
However I also need the AV output to work so tested in that mode too. Playing issues are gone, but now all text (GUI, subtitles, etc) is very blurry/unsharp. I managed to track this down to the following statement “chmod 666 /sys/class/video/screen_mode”. So with applying the write rights to this file the texts are blurry, while not applying these rights to this file keeps text sharp.
Unfortunately this file also seems responsible for the playing issues, so I have to set the rights otherwise I have the playing issues again.
XBMC 13.2 sets the same rights on startup, but now text stays sharp and video plays fine. This suggests something has changed in Kodi program which is responsible for this?

Does anyone know if this can be fixed by doing some setting in Kodi or file rights, or does it has to be filed as an issue (so hopefully someone will track it down and fix it)?
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AMLogic - try and fix your Audio and Video playback problems.4.673