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I received the following message and do not know what to do now.

"Sorry, your request for an account ... has been rejected on Kodi.

There are several ways this can happen.
You may not have filled out the form correctly, did not provide adequate length in your responses, or otherwise failed to meet some policy criteria.
There may be contact lists on site that you can use if you want to know more about user account policy."

I have searched for a "user account policy" and "account policy" but got no results under several locations including these forums.

Would someone suggest what I should do now? There must be some reason for this policy but I don't understand and would hope that the benefits of Kodi are worthy of the time spent trying to get it to work. Right now it does not seem so but thank you for your help.
what account and for what? Kodi doesn't need an account
Read/follow the forum rules.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting, read this first
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You requested a wiki account. There is an anti-spam question that says "Say why you want to edit the wiki" and you wrote:

Quote:I want to dl the app.

As it states in large bold print when you go to the account request page, wiki accounts are used only for one thing; helping write/edit the online Kodi manual. It is not for downloading anything. Reading the manual requires no account, downloading is done from , and questions are asked on the forums here. Thus, any answer that doesn't involve contributing to the manual is rejected as either a mistaken application or a possible spambot.
I am sorry to have bothered you. Yes, reading more carefully would be helpful but having an understanding of the whole process would be more helpful. Your tone is not but thank you anyhow.

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