Req Warning on install 3rd party repos/addons and restore to default.
Would be somewhat sane to have some warning displayed when installing 3rd party repositories or addons via zip since more often than not some repos introduce broken addons or other code that contributes to breaking Kodi in unexpected manners. (superrepo/tvaddons).
It can be many things, addon dependencies in case of skins or addons may just be broken or if some addons are ran, they modify kodi config files.

A suggestion of such message:

Quote:Warning /!\ : You are installing 3rd party repository or addons!
Some addons / skins may introduce unexpected or unwanted behaviours that may cause issues with Kodi.
If you experience any erratic issues its advised to disable such addons/repositories and see if issues disappear.

Ideally there would be an secondary option to restore Kodi to defaults (like factory reset), such option could rename the userdata folder and restart kodi and offer a message that a backup has been created.

Its not meant to be a catch all or full proof but something tells me these two things would somehow be a good idea.
This is an excellent request, would help a lot with new users as to why KODI fails to work on addition of aforementioned repo's/addons.
Very big +1
As a follow up to this, I wouldn't mind the occasional warning for the first month or two that 3rd party repos are being used, since most of the really confused users almost certainly bought their boxes pre-screwed up by somebody else.
My 2 cents. Stick to your core business because they will find a way to avoid it anyway
(2015-06-16, 09:55)misa Wrote: My 2 cents. Stick to your core business because they will find a way to avoid it anyway

We're literally talking about core Kodi right now. It's not possible to get around a warning built into core unless they build their own software, which we would be totally fine with.
This request is literally for core, 7 out of 10 support requests are directly related to 3rd party stuff and most of those are now tvaddons / superrepo users by choice or by ignorance.

The ones by choice you ask for debug logs and they give you days of grief until they provide one and the ones by ignorance just plain ask about such addons which likely cause all the issues in first place.

What there is none of is an actual warning in core that informs people of these things, forums have it, wiki has it.

And its not about if they choose to use or not some particular repo or addon in their boxes it purely for the ones that are well know to cause problems (but you cant do addon specific warnings) so best do for all 3rd party repos or addons installed via zip.

Like trusted sources or something similar.
(2015-06-16, 09:27)natethomas Wrote: As a follow up to this, I wouldn't mind the occasional warning for the first month or two that 3rd party repos are being used, since most of the really confused users almost certainly bought their boxes pre-screwed up by somebody else.

like an info on startup.
i recentlu bought a mk808b-plus i found kodi installed full of preloaded crap.
Well said, "uNiversal", many user would opt to have KODI in a working state via removing addons that causes failed starts, crashing, etc - due to the fact that 3rd party repos aren't always maintained concurrently with changes made to KODI, at least they will be aware of what they have installed, issues it may cause and can easily self-remedy the problem or direct their query to the maintainer of repo (if stated in the warning prompt).

Hi "Nate" just wondering how would it be triggered to occur on casually or just when the repo is installed. This is a great inclusion, but really don't want a pop up a mid movie, what are your thoughts?
I don't know how typical my setup is, but most of my (few) add-ons are in the official repo. But I have a couple of repos for skins (eg Mudislanders for CCM), half a dozen tv-guides that I've edited myself and installed from zips, a watched-status xml-generating add-on from here that I had to edit to make kodi compatible, so installed from zip, a couple of DIY scripts - and I've probably missed a few things. Nothing from the hub, nothing from xunity etc. I don't mind a pop-up when I install, I'd be irritated by recurring pop-ups.
And if it's a pop-up on install (or upgrade) that isn't irritating how much effect will it have?
How long is a piece of string?

It impossible to determine what effect it has until its done. I would have thought Wink its impossible at any rate to know who will heed the warning and even remember it and who will ignore it because they rather believe that issues are in Kodi rather than something he/she added or even a 3rd party. All I know is that you wont ever win all battles but all bullets count Wink And like everything its hard to find a middle ground where everyone is pleased with any particular solution.

If I could add this my original thought would be a pop up at install zips and repos and when anything from repos is upgraded only.

Currently during playback you dont get any pop ups anyway and it would be a terrible implementation if you were interrupted during, I think such messages currently are deferred when playback is finished.
I also gave this suggestion in an internal thread and would welcome it. So whenever you install stuff from ZIP or for the first time from a third party repo, notify the user about the risks etc
With the topic of Amazon pulling Kodi recently in mind I would take an even harder line:

Make the end user jump through a whole bunch of hoops to even be able to install repos, addons from the Banned addons master list. Headlines like the Amazon ones we saw recently can then be Robustly refuted by the entire Kodi community when measures like this are built into the core of Kodi. I would actually crash Kodi purposely after a certain number of warnings / nags were ignored and blame it on the Banned Addon.

This would have the desired effect of getting rid of all those "Fully Loaded" boxes giving Kodi the bad name in the first place. If no one buys them, Vendors will soon start toeing the line.
I'm personally sick of Newbies jumping on the forums with these types of boxes asking for help .

If Kodi wants to distance itself publicly from Piracy and Illegality then it needs to do more IMHO.
This no help with Banned Addons on the forums will not be enough going forward into the future.

I'm not sure if that's a joke or not, but no. IMO, it would be even worse to actually try to ban how users choose to use Kodi. We can try and protect the brand and project, but users should always be free to make their own choices. We can do things that help them to make an informed choice, which a warning can do, but other than that wouldn't be acceptable.
Kodi already has enough issues because of some addons, no more issues are required, in fact this request has nothing to do with the reason(s) why Kodi was removed from Amazon store or even banned addons, that's a entirely separate issue as far as Im concerned in respect to the core/idea behind this request Smile
Yeah, agree with Ned. Warnings are fine. Intentionally crashing Kodi is much less OK.

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