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"Your set-up covers a lot of other file types playing to external player that I don't care to do, so i'm sure I've got extra code in my files I don't really need."

The only file types that call the external player are full BD rips that KODI player cannot decode 100%, if at all.
This is the reason an external player is needed.
The file types are for file structure (bdmv and certificate inside a folder) and/or same file structure inside an iso container for 2D and 3D.
All other file types and containers remain default to KODI dvdplayer as they should.

I understand you are only interested in 3D iso and you are trying to eliminate extra code that amounts to a few bytes and is probably why you are having problems. Also PDVD 12 is a bit outdated and may be the problem vs. PDVD 15 but I doubt it. You still haven't revealed what O/S you are using? This guide is for Windows 10 which requires exact procedure supplied or it will never work properly. Older Windows O/S is slightly different regarding Nvidia nvstlink.exe but should still work 100% with supplied codes.

FYI in altering setup for yourself: (I understand you're trying anything to get this to work)

" My last issue is the annoyance powerdvd launching but not autoplaying the movie".
This is because if PDVD is not in CLASSIC mode, it has no idea what to do with an iso when it opens so, it deems the mounted iso invisible. (Yes, it will be mounted and you can see it but PDVD cannot and complains no disc so there is nothing for it to autoplay). This is exactly what happens when in PDVD Cinema mode or one of it's exe variants. Cinema mode is for file structure playback only and titles MUST be shared to PDVD and navigated to within PDVD to start playback which is why I reco iso only. ISO in cinema mode is never going to work. If you don't see a 'Switch to Cinema mode' button in PDVD you are in Cinema mode. If you do, you are probably in Classic mode. Switch and see if view changes. If it does, switch back to Classic. Try to confirm you are calling the proper exe. I think PowerDvd12.exe is correct and not PDVDLaunchPolicy.exe. Even though the latter works, use PowerDvd12.exe. Something else in your setup is preventing it from working 100%.

"And for some reason pushing the spacebar key on my remote doesn't work unless I alt+tab to kodi and back to PDVD, then push the space bar."
I suspect your remote is mapped wrong. Took me many combos of individual keys until I found ones that worked with KODI and PDVD.
There should be absolutely no reason to resort to using spacebars, alt+tabs, or any manual input to focus windows. These are player control options. Here, I simply select the title in KODI, select anything in the resulting menu, the iso mounts, PDVD comes into focus on top of KODI, and the title begins. When finished, I close PDVD, the iso dismounts, and KODI returns to focus ready for action. It really makes no difference if <hidekodi>true</hidekodi> is changed. This is a focus option for if a tray manager is integrated and thought it may help you which it hasn't. Btw, you did follow the instructions and checked 'Use full screen window' in KODI? This could be your focus problem if unchecked.

"I've commented out both nvidia lines since pdvd12 automatically changes the resolution/refresh rate to 3D, and I commented out the unmount command."
I don't even know where to begin telling you how many problems these changes create. This cannot be done.
I will tell you..... how things used to work don't work that way anymore. Once you advance with current O/S, current hardware/drivers, software and it's switches, and current player, many things have changed and do not work like they used to. I too encountered them and figured out how to overcome all of them, thus this guide. Follow it exactly. If it doesn't work, you have omitted/changed/integrated something not compatible. If you have setup everything exactly as provided and it does not work, I too want to know why. Please provide all pertinent details for your system so we can narrow down the culprit. I won't be quick to blame outdated PDVD but if you can upgrade to 15 it would eliminate the possibility although I think your problems lay elsewhere.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10/1909 MPC-BE\HC PDVD19 DVDFab3&5 KODI 19 PotPlayer 960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop=60Hz/Video=Matched Refresh rates 8/12bit/65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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