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(2017-03-14, 20:27)brazen1 Wrote:
(2017-03-14, 20:04)WppNL Wrote: At first, thanks for the script. This is what i have been looking for and i couldnt figure it out myself.

I want to play my 3D bluray movies through powerdvd but i have two problems with the script.

1. When the movie starts playing in Powerdvd, my tv recognizes the 3D and auto switches to 3d mode. But the problem is that i have 1 3D TV, and 2 other monitors connected to my PC. So 3D get's activated and disactivated in a loop.
I can fix this by manually disabling the 2 other non 3D screens in Windows. How can i manage to start playing my 3D movie without manually disabling them?

2. I cannot return to Kodi after I'm done with watching a movie in PowerDVD. Everything freezes up and I cannot use Kodi after that.
So I start an .ISO file through KODI with the external player script, this works perfectly. But I cannot get back to Kodi after watching. How is this possible?

And sometimes Powerdvd refuses to switch back to 60hz after playing the movie in 24Hz but the other 2 problems are priority for now.

Copy and paste from post #1

In Windows Screen Resolution, check Enable Stereoscopic 3D for all supported displays for single panel users . If you are running dual monitors of different resolution enable stereoscopic settings for all 3D displays' in windows screen resolution settings. You won't see this setting unless you make your secondary monitor (TV panel for playback) the primary monitor and turn off monitor 1 by selecting 'show desktop on monitor 2 only' since this is the 3D display. This becomes a problem for ease of use though. The fix is win+p and 'select pc screen only'. Next, right click your taskbar and select properties. There should be a setting to show taskbar on all displays or only the main display. You don't want a taskbar on your Kodi display. The setting is at the bottom in the Multiple Displays section. You only set this 1 time so it's set and forget. Once you set select pc screen only, windows will automatically switch between the two and turn off the one not in use, turn it back on when it is. So, you can be using monitor 1 for pc stuff and when you want to watch a movie on your TV panel (monitor 2), when you turn on monitor 2, monitor 1 turns off. This means windows has now auto set monitor 2 as primary and the windows resolution setting 'enable stereoscopic settings for all 3D displays' is present and enabled. When you turn off monitor 2, monitor 1 automatically turns back on. Once this is set up, Uncheck 'Enable Stereoscopic 3D for all Supported Displays, save and exit.

[Image: 4qS70Yq.png]

[Image: qkCaC4w.png]

If everything is still freezing up after doing the above when exiting PDVD, try temporarily physically disconnecting all your extra monitors and just leave your 3D display in the loop. If it works, it's because of your extra monitors and I don't think I can help you with them.

If Powerdvd refuses to switch back to 60hz after playing the movie in 24Hz, it is not a problem with PDVD. Your display is what switches depending on what it's being fed. Your display is probably not switching back to 60Hz after a 24Hz session because it is confused by the other monitors in the system.

I didn't understand/read the first post correctly. I thought the first part was going about the taskbar, but it was about turning of 2th and 3th monitors. This is working now!
My 2th problem was also because my own stupid mistake. I didn't enable the Fullscreen window option in Kodi.

The only problem is that My LG TV stays on 24Hz after closing PowerDVD and returning to Kodi. (Also with physically removing the 2 other monitors. Hopefully i found a solution for that too.

Thanks for the guide and thanks for the help. 5 stars incoming!
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