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(2018-01-09, 06:32)brazen1 Wrote: I don't know what your issue is?  I do know the code I tailored for you post #372 works perfectly here.  You don't need a .bat as you followed up replying.  I understand that might have been because you grabbed the code before I was done editing.  Now that I've tested it, I feel confident this guide remains extremely universal but now with your complaint I'm wondering?  I don't want to wonder.  I want it to work for you.  v.17.6 vs Leia should make 0 difference.  You requested 1 external player only (MPC-BE) to open any file with '4K' in the name providing it is an .mkv file extension only.  You say once you play the 4k.mkv with MPC that works correctly, a subsequent play of another file type that is not 4k, continues to use the MPC player instead of the internal Kodi videoplayer.  That simply is not happening here after applying the custom xml and adding 4K to a file name.  I added '4K' in the file name to the Kodi wiki Life of Pi sample using the code from #372 because I have no other 4k mkv's.  All my stuff is iso.  If you are trying to play a subsequent iso after playing your 4k.mkv, it's not going to work.  That would require different code but you didn't request that be included and your hint of code didn't suggest it.  Just guessing here.  I don't know anything about adding or removing periods, asterisks or taking hyphens out of 'MPC-BE' or the other fixes suggested.  It's all working on my end and it's just a simple xml and as far as I'm concerned, there is nothing to fix .  When and if you find the problem, please report back in case it does have something to do with the code compatibility which is highly unlikely.  In the mean time, copy and paste the code again, don't modify anything, and give it a whirl again.  Maybe provide more details like exact name of files involved and anything else you deem related.

Thank you for your continued help.  I tried again with the code you provided, with no alterations.  

I also changed the naming of a couple of my 4K files to test.  Before I had something like "Bright (2017).4K.mkv"; I changed it to "Bright (2017)(4K).mkv", and also tried with "Bright (2017)4K.mkv.

Unfortunately, the issue is still there: 

1. I play a movie that is not 4K, and it plays in the internal player
2. I play a movie that is 4K, and it plays in MPC-BE (I just leave it for a few seconds, and then close the player)
3. I play another movie that is not 4K, and it also plays in MPC-BE.
4. Any movie that I play, plays in MPC-BE

I think I will live with this issue for now, and tonight I will complete the configurations of MPC-BE and madVR per your guide and just enjoy my media!




Since I wanted to find out if it was a Leia problem or not, I uninstalled Kodi completely (even the profile folder), and installed Krypton 17.6 32-bit.  Stock Estuary skin, no other addons besides the ones that come with Kodi.  I created the playercorefactory.xml again as per your code in post #372, and I added one of my sources which has 4k movies.

In Krypton 17.6, the playercorefactory.xml works perfectly! 4K movies get played with MPC-BE, and non-4K movies get played with the internal player.

So, yes, it's a Leia 64-bit problem.  My next test is going to be Leia 32-bit, just to be sure it isn't the 64-bit that has the issue.  Then, I will post again in the External Players thread.

EDIT 2: Uninstalled Krypton and installed Leia 32-bit. Created the playercorefactory.xml and added my source.  The issue is there, once a movie is played with MPC-BE, all movies get played with MPC-BE.
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