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One frame repeat after a few minutes is normal.  This is why many use a custom timing mode either via madVR (best) or NCP (easy).  Last I tried, it limited everything to 8bit so I stopped using custom timings since I really never notice the frame repeat unless I'm looking for it.  If it was more often, it would drive me up the wall.  Thankfully it isn't.  Lowering settings isn't going to eliminate it.  It's because every display 'times' the sync differently.  (Roughly) the spec for the refresh rate on a display is 24Hz.  The FPS (frame rate) for most titles is 23.976.  There is a very small difference there.  24 vs 23.976.  That difference catches up every few minutes.  Nothing to do with your GPU or your rips. 

I have no issue selecting 12bit using driver 390.65 and have tested that it continues switching from 8bit Desktop to 10/12bit Video automatically as usual.  If the way I showed you how to achieve this isn't working for you, there are lots of other ways.  If you are presently at RGB FULL 8bit 60Hz, select 30Hz.  Now select 12bit.  Finally, go back to 60Hz.  It will change back to 8bit as it should for Desktop mode but when a Video mode is started, it will automatically change to 10/12 bit as it should.

You should NEVER turn HDR and advanced color switch on.  We don't want Windows to tell your display to switch or add HDR.  We want madVR to tell the display to use its HDR mode.  Fwiw, I can still manually turn it on.  No idea why you can't but who cares?  IT SHOULD NOT BE ON WHEN YOU ARE WATCHING A VIDEO - EVER.  HDR is something you want your display to do..... NOT Windows.

Plenty have been suggesting that a 1030 is an entry level GPU and not strong enough to apply madVR with any reasonable outcomes.  I don't think it even meets Netflix minimum requirements?  It's been suggested many times to obtain a GPU with at least 4GB of memory.  You could try overclocking it although it may make no difference.  Try it and see.  I think the lowest settings would be bilinear or DXVA?  Not sure, experiment.  You could also start checking off the 'trade quality for performance' options.

We use 60Hz instead of 23Hz initially because we are using Windows Desktop mode and not only Video mode.  23Hz on desktop introduces lag especially mouse, GUI's, etc.  Desktop is designed to be used at 60Hz for many things such as scrolling the Kodi library.  But when video starts, refresh rate automatically switches to 23Hz IF 'match refresh rate' is used.  Match refresh rate is in Kodi and madVR settings.  When finished, it goes back to 60Hz.  This way motion is perfectly smooth matching refresh rate of source like slow panning scenes such as beginning of Cowboys and Aliens or The Wrestler.  All video is perfectly smooth. 

Some displays are only 60Hz at best and not as advertised (120Hz or more).  You must check reality.  In this case they have a problem with 12 missing frames because 60 is not perfectly divisible by 24 (while 120 is perfectly divisible by 24).  So, 3:2 Pulldown is used to add missing 12 frames at the expense of terrible motion.  To correct, 60Hz display users mismatch refresh rate of source and always use 60Hz GPU setting and apply 'Smooth Motion' setting in madVR to help eliminate judder but it is not as perfect as using a 120Hz or higher refresh rate display to begin with.  Far from it imo.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10/1909 MPC-BE\HC PDVD19 DVDFab3&5 KODI 19 PotPlayer 960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop=60Hz/Video=Matched Refresh rates 8/12bit/65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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