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(2018-01-18, 04:59)brazen1 Wrote:
(2018-01-17, 17:47)luci5r Wrote:
(2018-01-15, 19:35)brazen1 Wrote: Hi luci5r.

My reply was not only to you.  It included thoughts for others also.  I don't like using the 'quote' feature any more than I have to and assumed you would understand.  Sorry for the confusion. 

I don't think you are able to use your 1030 for the reason I stated.  Although you read another user is using it, he also stated the caveats.  Fwiw, I'm using 1:1 iso rips.  These are the most demanding to play not only because of the container but because it is not compressed either.  Anything less is not as demanding such as a compressed .mkv.  A .mkv is player friendly with anything since it is not demanding.  (Almost) anything when it comes to HDR.  The Windows & TV app is qualified for HDR.mkv but not HDR.iso.  Furthermore, it does not have a single adjustment.  Since the beginning, playback has been oversaturated to the point it's unwatchable for me.  I don't think it does high bitrate audio either but don't quote me.  I don't think you will link the app to a playercorefactory as Windows has hidden the .exe and made it unaccesable afaik.  Fwiw, the photo app is the same thing.  Perhaps you can link it?  I wouldn't suggest using either but if you're happy with the results, that's all that counts.  I'm sorry you can't get satisfactory results with your GTX 1030.  Perhaps a conversation with users that are succesfull using that GPU can instruct you better.

The same is true for PDVD.  While it will play an HDR.mkv, without correct hardware, it will not play an HDR.iso.  Manually switching on the Windows HDR and advanced color options switch is required before playback and off when finished.  It is not automated.  Leaving it on all the time wipes out the Windows desktop.  MPC + LAV Filters + madVR does not require special hardware.  It does not cost anything.  It handles .mkv, .iso, and any other file type with ease although like every other player except PDVD (provided you meet the requirements) there are no menus.  Using the methods here, everything is fully automated.  Pressing play on a Kodi library title simply works.  Everything is handled behind the scenes for you once the initial setup has been completed.  While some players provide menus, they do not provide HDR menus.  This thread is for those of us who want the most cost effective, reliable, backwards compatible, fully automated and versatile setups excluding paid subscription streaming solutions because we serve our own higher quality media.

Fwiw, a new LAV Filter 'nightly' has been released for anyone else who happens to read this post.
Also a new madVR version.
 Hi brazen1:

I very quickly, after my post to you, realized that your post was not in response to my query alone, but for some others as well. My apologies. 

I certainly don't disagree with you. Your solution, instructions and methodology is impeccable and should provide the most economical and quality solution for just about everyone. I also agree that the bottleneck on my end is either something in my system or my GT 1030. I don't believe it is impossible for this combination to work w/ GT 1030, cause if it were, it wouldn't work for anyone. But it does for some. So the bottleneck may either be some hardware, software, or a combination in my system. 

I also strongly agree with you regarding the nuisance of turning HDR on & off manually in Windows, in order to use PDVD or Movies & TV App. This was an oversight on my part. I didn't realize this. While Movies & TV App actually turns ON the setting in Windows automatically as soon as you playback UHD HDR, it does not turn it off - leaving the Windows Desktop washed out. PDVD neither turns it ON or OFF, and would require manual intervention. 

I entirely understand the benefit of using the LAV Filters + MadVR + MPC-BE combo, no questions asked, unfortunately since it's not working with my hardware/software, I have to look at alternates. 

Before I do so, however, I'm going to download the latest versions you posted and try to fiddle w/ MadVR's settings some more. Since there is no official "low" setting, I just have to play with all settings. If there's anything you can recommend, I would highly appreciate it. 

In my case - there are no ISOs. Only UHD HDR MKV containers. And I'm only using the MadVR combo for UHD (2160p) playback. No upscaling/downscaling, etc. 

 I'd like to see nothing more than you get that 1030 going.  I'm reserved about that though.  Just the same, I'm pulling for you.
Fwiw, I've come to learn that PowerDVD requires some to manually switch on/off Windows HDR and for others it is automatic.
Those with SGX enabled motherboards and Kaby lake CPU combo is automatic because they meet PowerDVD's UHD HDR requirement. 
For anyone else like me that doesn't, it apparently isn't automatic. 

That's good to know! Thanks! Since I don't have Kaby Lake or SGX enables motherboards, it wouldn't do automatic switching for me - otherwise, since I already have PowerDVD, it would have been an optimal solution for me. 

I've actually received some good advice & configuration suggestions from madshi over at doom9 (you may have seen my post in the MadVR forum). I'm going to give his suggestions a try this weekend and see if that works. Over at doom9 I've found more people w/ GT 1030 and a working setup, so I'm more positive now. Will post back either way. 

Thanks for all your help!
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