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I feel that you have asked me those questions and I have answered. For instance "Windows 10. Kaby Lake chipset / CPU w/ Nvidia 1050Ti. PowerDVD for blu ray movies (& 3D). MPC-BE for 4K. Internal Kodi for .mkv TV eps." The NUC I mentioned was returned, thank goodness I bought it from Amazon.

For now, I think I'll just stick to very short tiny messages instead of blowing an entire hour worth of work into two paragraphs trying to lump everything together and answering questions.

So in the last hour, I have figured out your timeout command will help the autoplay with PowerDVD. I just wasn't cranking it up high enough. For some reason (SSD optimization?) PowerDVD loads instantly. I mean, it loads so fast I think starts loading when I think about it. But AnyDVD hangs slightly during the scan - probably reaching back across the network (which is physically about maybe 5 feet of cable but whatever. Currently a "timeout /t 15" on a line by itself has fixed that problem. I know I saw it as an argument to one of the other commands and that's what I thought I needed to do but when I moved it to a line on its own it works. I think I can back down off 15 I just have it set to a ridiculously high value for testing / proof. Load on the server / network can affect that scan time (such as simultaneously ripping a 4K UHD is going to slow that scan down.) Anyway, issue down. I am hoping when I get back to UHD that the timeout will solve that issue too, but one thing at a time, don't try to fix 4 at once then chase your tail in a circle trying to figure out what impacted what.

My most irritating is getting 3D to play in 3D and 2D to play in 2D. I'm having this problem outside of Kodi also. This wasn't the case yesterday, the only thing that happened was I installed a PowerDVD update. At this point I'll reinstall PowerDVD after I go back to post 46. I'm thinking the clue may be the 

"C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision\nvstlink.exe" /enable

command. perhaps I can disable upon exit and only enable upon load of a *.3D* in the filename. So, for now, I'll go through the 32 pages of messages specifically on that topic. hmm, not such a tiny message, LOL

Post 46 really sounds like the clue, for anyone else reading along through my self-flagellation here. Going to work through that and if it works one more tiny message (I promise) then back to the real world and .uhd tomorrow!
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