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"The timeout code already exists on its own separate line when using MPC.  Never had a need for it using PDVD but just updated and added it to code AFTER VCD mounts and PRIOR to PDVD opening.  Is this where you added it?  I assume this has now fixed your problem with PDVD required another press of play because the program started before the iso mounted?"

Yes. I think with server (as opposed to local) plus AnyDVD (which I'm pretty sure is required to defeat Cynavia - if you remove Cynavia then audio quality goes way down. I haven't tried it, just reading) then AnyDVD 'scans' the file. I had to turn notifications WITHIN AnyDVD off (there are a few) and then add a delay. I'm down to 8 and will go down by 1 in the coming days until it hangs. Also ripping a Blu-ray to the server (as I already stated) can eat up bandwidth and make VCD mounting a tad slower. AnyDVD scans after VCD so I put the delay right after VCD. That way I can catch any slight VCD delay and then just pause for auto-AnyDVD scanning. I'm 100% confident that the extra press to press PLAY inside PowerDVD fixed with the timeout. Yes, you said that a few times but I was struggling with it thinking it was a switch within a command and not its own command. Heck, I even looked up Kodi Scripting Wiki and it wasn't listed.

"Post 205 doesn't seem to split out 2D & 3D ISO files."  I don't understand this?

That was in relationship to post 46. If post 46 were still  needed, then the iso would need to be sent into seperate .bat files for 2d & 3d  I believe (for the manual nvidia switch.) Since it's old and not needed, I will take out the scheduler thing. it does cause 3/4 screen flashes. But I was having trouble with PowerDVD playing everything in 3D including 2D. I watched the Stereoscopic checkmark appear after playing a 2D file (after clearing it from control panel). Perhaps there is a bug reintroduced with 390.77, my Nvidia driver level. I'll play more tomorrow. yes the LG OLED is smart-3D. It senses. Since I was struggling with this OUTSIDE of Kodi I'm thinking driver. But I've had that same driver for weeks. I did also do a PowerDVD update. I may reinstall PowerDVD and then not do the update. Everything plays without it.

PowerDVD is so bloated. Do you know which of the several forms is the official one for MPC-BE? I'm in love with it. Would love to ask them about menus. Or if Leia is stable perhaps I could play with using 18 and doing away with PowerDVD completely. Yeah, get 17 working and then go through a lot of pain trying to work with 18. I'll give that a few weeks Smile 

Thanks for your time. I'll refine more tomorrow.
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