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(2018-03-12, 22:21)brazen1 Wrote: Windows 7 and TMT 5 or any other player are not going to be compatible with the UHD as you are digesting.  I don't use strm files so perhaps another user will reply?  I just navigate episodes in the iso menu when available just like the physical disc used with a dedicated player. 

I no longer use any platform except W10.  I cannot comment when you upgrade from W7 if everything will work like it used to.  W8.1 and W10 are UHD compliant.  Some prefer W8.1 until W10 is further refined for a few very specific things that I don't think affect me like they do others.  For example, W10 is said to be migrating away from Full Screen Exclusive mode which I presently use with no complaints, something I assume W8.1 will retain.  These unknowns make it difficult for developers to set a stage permanently or work with or around them so prefer established platforms free of further confusion.  As for which is better?  Personally, I prefer state of the art and adjust as needed. 

You prefer free players and want to play 3D after abandoning your present TMT and use 3D iso's which more than likely are Frame Packed while Cinavia and playlist obfuscation are concerning.  Various rip techniques include the need for additional software such as the AnyDVD you mention.  AnyDVD is a ripper and/or live iso reader as is other similar software.  And you have to rip so...... unless you have a friend or someone doing it for you that needs to be more selective in their technique for future playback of those without AnyDVD and the likes.  The only free player is MPC with components but you will not render menus.  Same with UHD.  To take full advantage of your complete 1:1 3D and UHD iso's, pay players are required.  If you don't use special hardware required for UHD playback and PowerDVD, you might be interested in adding DVDFab Media Player since it plays UHD iso's with full menus requiring nothing special.  Both can be had very inexpensive on EBay I've noticed.  Like $15 for both since they are old versions phasing out but I use them currently and work perfectly fwiw.  Whether or not the new versions are worth the upgrade is beyond me but folks are selling their old versions.  This way you might have no need for your strm fiddling I assume while securing confident methods of playing anything you desire perfectly. 

In all honesty, I have found that UHD needs no further refinements other than a stage to perform.  The challenge is a player that induces HDR to engage/disengage automatically.  madVR provides this function for supported players.  That said, playback quality looks no different to me player to player as modern displays scale as good if not better than software.  These other players also engage/disengage HDR automatically too.  madVR will remain preferred for quality vs functionality for lesser resolutions including 1080p 3D and especially poorly performed rips.  Understand, the HDR switch is for the Windows Movies & TV app player.  It has nothing to do with anything we do here except remain off.  In the event you prefer that, the only other free player that can accomplish HDR, understand its audio and video quality are extremely limited as is its automation.

Hope this adds to your research.
Thanks , appreciate your input. The main reason I dont really want to spend , is I paid for TMT 5 , and if I go up to win 10 ( which is what I will probably do ) , I dont want to have to buy another player simply because the player I own , does not work with 10. I only have about 5 or so titles that are 3D anyway. I am intrigued by dvdfab player 3, does it play 3d? If it does that - and UHD would be great . Most of what I have ( 90 % ) is 1080p bluray currently - but I have recently bought a 4K Tv so may branch out going forward.

FYI I use stream files for tv episodes, so that I can scrape and point to the specific episde from Kodi. it is the most elegant - and easiset solution to play a specific episode scraped into kodi. The srtm files pint to specific play list , and if they are labled correctly will scrape directly into the library as seperate episodes. much easier and less time consuming that converting to mkv
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