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A page back, I listed various driver versions I tested and my conclusions.  Most of my conclusions have been confirmed by others after pointing them out so I highly doubt a driver version affects some and not others.  Different models will perform differently but when sharing the same driver they all inherit the same flaws or improvements commanded by the driver.  While you are testing driver versions for certain 3D aspects, I am testing for most if not all other aspects including tiny details that may not be of importance to some but are of great importance to others.  After all, diversity is what this guide is all about.  Version 385.28 is the closest all around working driver there is.  V.391.35 has a terrible audio flaw.  Making a general statement that it "works also", may be true in the drivers 3D aspect but after numerous hours of testing, it fails a critical audio aspect requiring a roll back to 385.28 which still behaves nicely in most aspects.  But it too shares some flaws every other driver does such as no RGB 10bit setting.  I have not noticed a critical benefit offered by any of drivers newer than 385.28 other than FSE vs windowed which in of itself is nothing critical, more of a convenience preference.  I think the major updates in driver versions are for video game compatibility tbh. 

I am having no problem with the filename/filetypes protocol.  I understand you are trying to go off in your own direction and probably why it's difficult for you.  Perhaps if you revealed what exactly your own direction is, someone would assist you?  Fwiw, no driver automatically toggles 3D.  This is why I created a method that does.  In the past you simply engaged it and it stayed engaged.  HDR mode has changed all that by switching it off and not switching it back on and may be another reason 3D was put on the backburner while HDR takes center stage.

I don't remember who asked but the question was how to play everything with MPC-BE.  And I responded "Mainly just edit the rule filetypes to list every file extension you use and assign the rule to MPC-BE.  Something like this:

<rule filetypes="mkv|avi|mp4|mpg|m2ts|vob|bdmv|rar|iso|" player="MPC-BE">"

You ask when to use filetypes and when to use filenames?  Well, if you want to alter how I do it and none of the optional codes I provided throughout this guide covers the direction you want to branch out to, you've got to give it some thought.  For example:

<rule filename=".*HDR10.*|.*HDR.*|.*hdr.*" player="DVDFab"/>   
<rule filetypes="iso|bdmv|mpls|m2ts" player="PowerDVD"/>

I want all iso, bdmv, mpls, and m2ts files to open with PowerDVD.  I prefer they open with PDVD because it can handle full rips with menus and all those files are associated with complete disc copies that have menus.
But that creates a problem.  UHD HDR complete disc copies are iso, bdmv, mpls, and m2ts files too.  I do not have special hardware so that PDVD can play UHD HDR so I have to use another player.  So how do I distinguish a UHD HDR plays with a different player since its files share everything associated with PDVD?  Well, those common traits are 'filetypes'.  I can distinguish UHD HDR by 'filename' and make sure I add "HDR, hdr, HDR10, or whatever I choose in the actual file name of the rip.  So, although that UHD HDR title may be an iso file type destined to be handed to PDVD, I can add an instruction that says even though this is an iso file type, hold your horses.... it contains the word HDR in the file name so reroute this special delivery to DVDFab instead of PDVD.

This is an example of a difference between a file type and a file name and how the two protocols work harmoniously.  Fwiw, in the past I had to use "3D" or the likes in the file name.  Because DVDFab does not handle 3D MVC, I removed it from the code as you see in the example above which is my current code.  Instead, because 3D MVC is iso, bdmv, mpls or m2ts, it will call PDVD using file type instead of file name now.  Unlike file name, file types are automatically determined.  The extension does not need to be contained in the naming.

When creating your own rules, I suggest you do not use multiple filename or filetypes rules.  Since you have not shared your intentions, I assume this could be another reason you have unpredictable results.  I have found one rule for each very predictable and very reliable and anything more, problematic.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10/1909 MPC-BE\HC PDVD19 DVDFab3&5 KODI 19 PotPlayer 960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop=60Hz/Video=Matched Refresh rates 8/12bit/65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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