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(2018-05-13, 22:13)brazen1 Wrote: I have no reason to toggle Windows HDR/WCG on/off using W10 nor the need for scripts to accomplish that?  Be aware, none of these external players are using Windows HDR.  They are using the video card private API's.  You will notice it is never engaged during playback.  Also, I know of no script or any other method that will automate Windows HDR mode.  There are some differences how you are going about your setup.  I would help you but the differences might be too far apart as well as unapplicable. 

We each use 2160p and W10 v.1803.
I use a GTX 960 4GB and you a 1060 but the driver is shared.
You use DSPlayer.  I use the official KODI.  I don't think DSPlayer can call more than one external player but I could be wrong.  I use 3 external players and the 1 KODI internal VideoPlayer.

I too demand menus for UHD.  Our choices are PowerDVD which requires special hardware which I don't have nor you, or DVDFab Player which requires no special hardware.  I use DVDFab Player v.3.  HDR mode switches on/off automatically 1st time, every time.  I have no experience with v.5.  Perhaps if you are using the trial version, this auto switch is not performing?  I assume since it works perfectly in v.3, it would carry over to v.5?  In the event you have the full v.5 and it doesn't auto switch, I would ask them why because it should.

I too demand menus for 3D.  To accomplish that, I use PowerDVD v.18 since  DVDFab Player v.3 does not support 3D.  Now that you have confirmed DVDFab Player v.5 does support 3D, perhaps it could eliminate PowerDVD for me provided the quality is similar and it will auto match refresh rates negating any manual intervention with resolution settings prior, during, after launching or post.  I know PowerDVD doesn't.

I have no desire for Netflix and have limited experience.  That HDR auto switching I can't comment.  I only have the basic version launched from my panels app and I never use it.  I also don't use MS Edge which I think is a requirement when launching from Windows.

So, understanding W10 HDR/WCG switch is not part of the equation, a script will not help you.  What you need to do is figure out why your HDR mode is not engaged from DVDFab Player v.5:
I am presently using the latest nvidia driver offered.  It switches HDR with no problems.  Most no switch to HDR with nvidia was limited to early drivers from last year.  Late drivers have always worked without fail.  So, test and determine if HDR switches proper using Windows Explorer.  Bypass your DSPlayer and your scripts to take them out of the equation.  Right click your HDR file and select 'open with' and try FAB.  FAB needs little to config but there are settings for HDR and 3D you should be familiar with.  Make sure its settings are proper.  It should open and switch.  If not, consult FAB user forum or email support.  You can also install v.3 since I can confirm it works just to confirm on your system and rule out FAB as the culprit.  Lastly, try MPC-HC/BE with madVR and LAV Filters.  This too switches HDR first time, every time but requires more precise settings than FAB.  Above all, leave the W10 HDR/WCG switch OFF at all times.  Once you can confirm your auto HDR switch working from Explorer, the rest is a process of elimination which will determine compatibility, limitations, bugs, or adjustments, mainly DSPlayer or your scripts.  Let us know your results. 

Thank you for the DVDFab Player v.5 3D capability report.  I'm really hoping an error on your part is preventing it from rendering 3D if the display isn't manually switched to 1080p prior.  Are you sure there isn't a 'match refresh rate' setting or something similar?  V.3 has a 'always match to original video size' setting which I assume would auto switch resolution to 1080p when starting a 3D title negating manual intervention in the NCP.
Hello brazen1,

Which version of nVidia drivers are you currently using? Do the settings keep across reboots? Also, are you using "default settings" in the nVidia Control Panel or do you have "8 bit, full" set? Thanks for your continued support.


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