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(2018-06-04, 19:19)Warner306 Wrote: If you don't care about tweaking the image, you might not care about any advantages provided by madVR. Even at basic settings, I can notice an improvement, but it is not going to blow your socks off if you are happy with VideoPlayer.
 I disagree.  It will blow anyone's socks off if they experienced it provided their display can harness it and most modern displays can, even the less expensive ones.  Aside from the basic combinations madVR has refined, the newer additional algorithms exceed what was once thought possible.  Since incorporating the RCA increment hot key on my remote, artifacts present on many titles (not just poor sources, even some of the remastered UHD's let alone lower resolution stuff) cleans them up perfectly... at the cost of SOME detail.  The tradeoff is welcomed while presenting the content so much, much, better.  And on the fly from the remote.... knocks my socks off.  Other players deal with this hard coded and do not offer incremental adjustments which becomes VERY important regarding the trade off in detail.  Either too much or too little and titles (those with artifacts even if only in certain scenes) demands a different level of intensity retaining just enough detail while eliminating artifacts completely.  For me, it's the only madVR setting I find myself adjusting in real time should I notice (which is like a punch in the face) artifacting or mosquito noise (most often noticed in out of focus background scenes) and once set, I can put the remote down and not think about it again and enjoy the movie.  What is your 'go to' on the fly adjustment you gravitate to, if any?

ajamils, have you tried the method here using official KODI with MPC external player coupled with LAV Filters and madVR or have you always been using DSPlayer and adding an MPC player to it?  I think some of your problems are DSPlayer problems exclusively and not inherent to both.  Given the severity and length things have been problematic, it would be worth a try if you haven't already.  Regardless of adding any KODI as your front end, were you able to get things working proper when stripped down to the basic Windows Explorer level?  If not, are you concluding madVR and/or KODI are making playback possible where Windows Explorer alone could not?
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10/1909 MPC-BE\HC PDVD19 DVDFab3&5 KODI 19 PotPlayer 960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop=60Hz/Video=Matched Refresh rates 8/12bit/65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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