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(2018-06-16, 17:26)brazen1 Wrote:  If VLC is limited and can't handle an iso, I have no interest in it personally.  I see you tested and VLC does not mount an iso and play it like DVDFab or PDVD for instance.  I am interested if it can play an iso once the iso is mounted, similar to MPC players though.  Afaik, VLC is not compatible with madVR which is fine.  Neither are other players we incorporate here to launch from KODI.  Perhaps there are enough settings in VLC to produce a decent image which perks my interest especially if it auto switches HDR mode on/off (not Windows HDR) as you have confirmed.  Still waiting on your manual mount of hdr.iso playback confirm or deny..... If you don't have an hdr.iso, an sdr.iso will suffice.  If you all you have is file structure, you can convert it to iso using ImgBurn.  Even a file structure test will suffice.

Double click an hdr.iso in Windows Explorer and navigate to the new drive letter mount.  With the iso mounted OR from file structure, Open BDMV folder.  Right click index.bdmv and select to open with VLC. 

So I did squeeze in the few minutes to test exactly what you were looking for.

I have some astonishingly positive answers for you.

First Test:
Opened a Blu-Ray ISO file in VLC. It immediately mounted the ISO file & began playback. Complete with BD ISO Menus.

Second Test:
Mounted an ISO file manually, and in VLC, chose "Open Folder" and selected the mounted Blu-ray drive. Immediate playback.

Third & Final Test:
The above 2 tests were for original 1080p Blu-Ray ISO. So I decided to test my Atomic Blonde 4K UHD HDR Blu-ray ISO. I was astonished that it actually mounted that ISO & began playback as well. The only difference was, this time it began to playback the main movie stream and gave a message that "This disc requires JAVA for Menus. Java was not found on your system. Disc will be played back without menus." I did quickly hop over to Oracle and downloaded & installed JAVA, however, I'm still getting that message. At this moment I don't have more time to test this further, but perhaps someone else can take it from here. I'll get back to resolving this JAVA issue later.

I'm assuming the above is what you were looking for.

Quite frankly, I would love to see if you can spend some time with VLC Vetinari and give your report. On my secondary HTPC with GT 1030, I'm looking for a DVDFab like 4K UHD HDR solution, which cannot handle something like MadVR, and does not meet the PDVD special hardware requirements, but is capable of playing back UHD HDR. VLC is starting to looking like a good a solution! But I'd like your take on it.
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