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(2018-07-17, 20:12)brazen1 Wrote:
(2018-06-20, 23:30)luci5r Wrote:
(2018-06-20, 18:05)brazen1 Wrote: Just installed KODI v.18 x64 nightly June 20th and will not promptly revert for a couple hours in case anyone suggests further diagnostics.

I didn't do a lot of testing.  Just what I've been previously doing and see no reason to test any further given the results are always the same.  If it can't oblige this basic function, what's the use of testing anymore..... I could use some help testing to verify if it's just my environment or applicable to everyone else as well.  I've just been adding one collection folder to KODI for testing, 3D MOVIES but it won't matter what you add.

When you open KODI and press enter on a title, it will open the default player assigned for that title as it should and all is well.  I played Avatar with PDVD because PDVD is the default player defined by the PCF.  Next, using the 'Play Using' menu, select another player to open a title.  Any title and any other player other than the previous one (PDVD) just used.  So, I manually select The Martian to open with MPC.  Not gonna' happen.  The Martian opens with PDVD instead of MPC I just manually selected.  Same or different title will only open with the 1st player used.  The PCF is not being obeyed.

Close and reopen KODI.  Manually select Avatar to play with MPC so that PDVD does not default.  All is well.  Default select or manually select Avatar (or any other title) to play with PDVD.  It plays using MPC even though you selected PDVD. 

The PCF only works properly once.  Subsequent PCF playbacks are ignored and so is manual intervention using the 'Play using' option.  This is not only inherent to PDVD and MPC.  I use 5 players and they all behave this way.  This behavior is not present using KODI v.17.6 and it works perfectly.

Here is a debug log fwiw.  Opened Avatar by pressing enter on title.  It defaults to using PDVD as it should.  Manually selected 'play using' to open with MPC-HC.  PDVD opens instead.

cizoqirari (paste)

Right, I catch your drift now. When you (or the other poster) stated PFC is no longer supported, I thought you meant it has been totally revoked. The issue that you mentioned, I have been experiencing from Day 1 of Kodi v18. Essentially, PFC only invokes the correct external player the first time, but not thereafter, unless you quit & restart Kodi. This has not been a problem for me as I've never really needed to invoke the external player twice, and if I did, I knew a quick restart of Kodi would fix it. It's annoying, and shouldn't exist, but hasn't been an issue.

Although in retrospect, now that multiple external players are being used for different types of Media, this could potentially become a significant annoyance. My usage just hasn't really been of the nature to come across this annoyance frequently.

Thanks for the detail - this clarifies it. It did frighten me when I first saw that post - like I said, I thought the entire support for PFC had been abandoned.

Strangely, I always had some issue or other with v17 (Krypton), from frequent crashes & freezes to connectivity issues; strange issues that most people never really had a problem with. Somehow all of those issues went away with v18, so I have to say I don't see myself reverting to v17. Outside of this multiple external player launches in one session issue, which is negligible for me, v18 seems to be far more stable and solid for my setup & experience at least.
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No, Sir, it definitely isn't a pickup line, and it most certainly is far from boring getting out of bed every morning, albeit slightly earlier then I'd prefer, nevertheless!  
I haven't tried KODI v.18 in a while but it appears it still isn't handling PCF.xml correctly according to the error you just posted.  I'm still using v.17.6 which remains problem free.  Not sure about DVDFab Player v.5 promo end date?  I installed it a couple days ago and everything about it was a problem still.  No HDR and no 3D no matter how much I massaged things.  It could just be my environment but I really don't see how tbh.  All my testing was solo in Windows Explorer without KODI involved at all.  I continue to use v.3 with no problems.  How is your experience using v.5 for HDR and 3D Frame Packed MVC? 
DVDFab v5 is Uninstalling as we speak. Absolutely ZERO HDR support!! Very weird. I've used an older v5 build and there was HDR support - but it seems to have broken in this latest v5 build. Could not get HDR no matter what I tried. 

The PCF issue was definitely not in all Kodi v18 builds. Over the course, and I couldn't tell you which one, but I have successfully used v18 + PDVD + DVDFab and not seen that error. Only issue with v18 was - I could not use PDVD and then DVDFab in the same session. Had to quit and restart Kodi. 

Per your experience, everything works absolutely fine with Kodi v17.6 + PDVD 18 + DVDFab 3? Maybe I need to revert. I have never downgraded Kodi. I'm curious if I'll need to setup everything all over again - menu, interface, options, etc.
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