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(2018-07-25, 15:05)acemt Wrote: First off Lagavulin is the best, IMHO.

Secondly, not sure why it's working, but it is. You guys have a better understanding of API's and switches, etc., but I am fairly computer savvy and can usually get stuff to work.

I can confirm that I am running the 960 hdmi out to the tv. Everything is running with Nvidia settings. Latest drivers. I doubt if I am the only person able to leave those switches, in windows, on all the time, and NO, it does not put on the HDR flag in Powerdvd or DVDFab unless it is an HDR .mkv. My picture of Taylor Swift wallpaper is almost lifelike at 4k, which the wallpaper is.


I'm baffled. Maybe brazen1 can add here, as this is as far as my limited knowledge goes. 
  • I'm not clear how GTX 960 is playing HDR correctly in PowerDVD.
  • When I switch my 'HDR & WCG' button On in Windows --> Settings --> Display, the HDR flag stays On in my Samsung UHD HDR set (UN65MU7000), whether it's the desktop or any non-HDR content on screen. It never goes Off.
  • Both PowerDVD & DVDFab keep the HDR flag On if the Windows 'HDR & WCG' switch is On, irrespective of HDR or Non-HDR content.
  • I have scoured the Internet and while I can't claim that no one can leave that switch On, I personally have not come across one person who hasn't the same complain as myself and anyone else I know about leaving that switch On, and therefore do not / can not, leave that switch On.

I have no idea how your experience is entirely contrary to the above. I'll test again on my system when I have a chance, but I don't suspect it will be any different.

However, I trust your explanation & context above so clearly it is somehow working very differently for you. Maybe the SGX technology embedded in the CPU & Motherboard behaves differently then we understand - as in - perhaps the HDMI out from CPU is not required if the technology is present! Not Sure!! Very baffled. 

OT: It seems we share more then one vice (and yes, I agree, Lagavulin is unbeatable - a little heavy on the wallet but well worth it!). Would you be kind enough to share your lifelike 4K wallpaper of Taylor Swift Smile ... I just saw her Reputation concert at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena last month, and I have to say, I was blown away! Probably the best show I have seen in my life. You can PM it or I can PM an email. Thanks!!


In order to satisfy my own curiosity, I did some deeper digging and found a few things of note. 

Firstly, I was wrong about DVDFab's requirements for UHD HDR playback taking the same route as PowerDVD. There is a very informative page on DVDFab's website which lists very clearly what is required (and therefore what isn't), and it appears that any Pascal card is sufficient (and required) for HDR, which includes both GTX 900 & 1000 series.

While part of 7th Gen & above Intel GPUs also provide HDR support, they are not required, nor is SGX technology, unlike PowerDVD. 

All of this information can be had here:

Here's some truncated highlights from it:


System Requirements
★ Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista (32/64-bit)
★ Core 2 Quad or above
★ 2GB of RAM
★ A Blu-ray Drive

★ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9 Series (Pascal) or above video card (Required for HDR Mode)
★ HDR compatible TV or display monitor (Required for HDR Mode)
★ Live Internet connection required for product activation (Little network traffic used)


Detailed Requirements and Settings for HDR and UHD Playback
Hardware Environment
Video cards that support HDR contents playback
From Intel: Intel UHD Graphics 620 or above (Integrated in Intel Core Generation 8 and part of Generation 7 CPUs).
From NVidia: GeForce GTX 900 series, GTX 1000 series or above.
From AMD: RX450 or above.
Display Port: HDMI2.0a or DP1.3
Software Environment
OS:Windows 10, build 1705 or above
Drivers: upgrade the video card drivers to the latest.
How to check Windows information: Control Panel > System > About
Required Settings
OS Settings
Enable HDR option: Control Panel > System > Display > HDR and advanced color
Tip: this option is not available to Windows 10, with builds under 1705.
Play 5 Settings
To play back 4K HDR contents, please enable the HDR Mode at Settings > Video > HDR Mode
Choose Auto (recommended): if your hardware and display monitor support HDR output, then DVDFab Player 5 will output HDR image, otherwise, it will output SDR image.
Choose HDR -> SDR: DVDFab Player 5 will output SDR image
Earlier Windows 10 builds
Despite earlier Windows 10 builds (under 1705) do not have an HDR option, users still can get HDR support via NVidia video cards, in that case, please also upgrade to the latest NVidia drivers.
UHD Playback
To play back 4K UHD videos, your GPU is required to be capable of H.265 (HEVC) and UHD (4K) hardware decoding. The known GPUs capable of doing this include:
From NVidia: Maxwell GM206 series including GeForce GTX 750 SE, GTX 950, GTX 960 and above, all the Pascal series.
From Intel: 5th generation Intel Core Processors with HD graphics 5500, HD graphics 6000, Iris graphics 6100 and above.
From AMD: GCN 4th generation Polaris Discrete GPU RX 480 / RX 470 / RX 460 and above.
Hardware Requirements for Blu-ray 3D Playback
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 and AMD Radeon HD 6800 series or above, or 2nd generation Intel Core processors or above.
3D Display: HDMI 1.4 enabled 3DTVs,120Hz Frame-sequential 3D LCDs, 3D Polarizer LCDs or 3D Ready HDTVs (DLP).
3D Glasses: Active shutter glasses (NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit), Polarized glasses.

So technically, Mark is correct and HDR should engage without Windows 'HDR & WCG' Switch involved in DVDFab v5, just as it did in v3. I'm not clear why it's not doing so for us but I'll investigate further. If needed, I'll get in touch with DVDFab support. 

One thing of Interest I noted while going through DVDFab Media Player page was full 3D Blu-ray support, and ISO as well as Folder Structure playback for both Blu-ray & 4K UHD Blu-ray. If all of this works, this player could make PowerDVD obsolete as it doesn't seem to have the hardware requirements PowerDVD does. But it's all dependent on everything working appropriately, which requires more testing!

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