Win HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
I'm not really sure what we're trying to discover here other than other users experiences, either confirmations or differences?  All of this was already covered back in February when DVDFab Player v.5 was released and reiterated a couple weeks ago when I tried it again due to a few updates being released and confirmed nothing has changed.  What we have learned are confirmations that FAB 5 is not going to work unless you prefer to use Windows HDR.  Personally, I have zero desire to use it.  It does not auto switch on and off.  It saturates video and does not look anywhere near as good as private API induced HDR imo because it isn't passing through.  You can confirm this by noticing no contrast or brightness settings or anything else are changed in your display automatically like they are when using private API's with madVR or FAB v.3.

We also have known forever that v.3 used private API's and that is what I'm sticking with.  This doesn't mean others should or have to follow.  But asking for support here for those or similar problems is not going to be pursued simply because of the nature of the new version.  There's not much we can do if anything even if we wanted to.  It is what it is.  At least we understand there is nothing anyone is going to do about the faults other than FAB HQ and that's even if you see them as faults.  Perhaps gamers love it?

The "info" window shows us that either the Windows HDR switch is turned on or off for UHD HDR.  If it's on, it will show HDR.  If it's off, it will show HDR>SDR.  For all other resolutions it will show SDR regardless if the Windows HDR switch is on or off.
To recap:
DVDFab Player v.5 requires Windows HDR to be on else you will be doing HDR>SDR.  And to be clear there are major differences between Windows HDR and private API's use.
V.3 has no 3D support.  V.5 does have 3D support with caveats:  4k users are screwed.  Global resolution must be manually changed to 1080p prior to playback and of course switched back after.  Imo, v.5 offers nothing v.3 + PDVD already offer and I'm not pursuing it at all.  Perhaps one day they will change things and another test drive will be worthwhile.

One thing I am taking away from this conversation is a user is adamant leaving the Windows HDR switch enabled all the time has no ill affects on any GUI's or Windows Desktop usage.  That to me I find mind boggling but chalk it up that differences in hardware must matter even though we use the identical GPU.  Also don't understand the same user is decoding and rendering HDR using PDVD 18 while not meeting PDVD's requirements?
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10/1909 MPC-BE\HC PDVD19 DVDFab3&5 KODI 19 PotPlayer 960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop=60Hz/Video=Matched Refresh rates 8/12bit/65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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