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(2018-08-02, 00:14)Wanilton Wrote: @luci5r Kodi Leia have now one option "try10bitoutpit" via advancedsettings.xml for send 10 bits to display, it´s the first step for have UHD HDR playback using internal player. Exist one second adjust relationed, but I don´t have precise idea how work (allowdiscretedecoder).

About try10bitoutput = added 10bit output if supported. Allow output 10bit videos without converting them to 8bit.
About allowdiscretedecoder = added the possibility to use a separate device for decoding (disabled by default). it allows avoiding lockups of device's context.  

@Wanilton :

Thank you so much for your response. This I was not aware of. It does feel like a step in the right direction. I don't believe this alone would suffice, and there's still some ways to go - but it's promising that Kodi is actually moving in that direction. It seems logical, given the upsurge in UHD HDR demand. I'll definitely try the above though, and continue to use the external players. Thanks!

pOpY Wrote:Hey @luci5r,

i have a similar hardware, older i3 and a 1030. Did bought the 1030 to get 4k hdr playback on my philips 65PSU8102 TV.
Sadly, running into the same issues, that the MPC/LAV/MADVR doesnt work! Regardless what i have tried in the settings.
Dont want to spend more money on this. So i am looking for a solution for my current hardware....

So here are my questions to you, because you are have worked out the best solutions for this hardware on the past pages:
what external player do you use for HDR UHD mkv's in kodi?
When i have understand the discussions right: DVDFAB 3, right?

Does PCF work correctly now in v18a3 64bit windows build?
Thanks a lot

Hi @popy :

Yes, i Have to agree that I was quite excited when I found out about GT 1030 - it seemed like the best choice at the time; unfortunately I was an early adopter and real reports on it's performance didn't generate till much later. There's actually an article on Forbes now describing the major flaws & marketing shambles associated with GT 1030 & Nvidia. Yes, the card turned out to be a disappointment. It's an excellent card for HTPC, but not if your main reason for purchase or primary use was going to be UHD HDR playback - and that was exactly the reason I bought the card.

A little fortunate for me, this is a very, very old HTPC and due for an upgrade - It is also not my main/primary HTPC - it's a secondary bedroom HTPC, so my association with GT 1030 is short lived. I'm actually just waiting for the next/new Nvidia (1100?) lineup to appear and prices to go down on the current Pascal lineup. My main HTPC/Gaming Rig features a GTX 1080 which I'm going to either replace with the new 1100 offering, or a GTX 1080ti (possibly 2 for SLI), and my GTX 1080 will then move into this secondary HTPC. At that time I'm also going to upgrade to 8th gen Intel on this machine, so all in all, this is a temporary setup for me.

To answer your questions:
- All my UHD HDR MKVs & ISO rips play in DVDFab v3. Playback is flawless with GT 1030 and no Windows HDR & WCG handling required.
- All my BD ISO's play in PowerDVD 18
- All other media in Kodi internal video player

- I have not yet updated to v18a3 yet for Kodi, I'm still on Alpha 2. PCF has partial behavior on Alpha 2. It will launch the external player correctly the first time, but after that, unless you Quit & restart Kodi, it will launch everything in the same external player.

I have been meaning to upgrade to Alpha 3 and might do it later this week. If I do, I'll let you know what I find. If you (or anyone else) does so before me, please post your experience.
Warner306 Wrote:It was simple for someone else.

Reset madVR to its default settings, configure your device and don’t change anything else. Set the CPU and GPU queues to 8 and the present queue to 6. Use D3D11 Automatic hardware decoding. Play a 4K video. If that doesn’t work, then something is at fault.

This is for GT 1030? I've never seen this before. If this is for GT 1030, I would love to try it. I'll give it a shot later today or tomorrow. Thanks for posting this.

Thank you.


@Warner306 :

By "present queue", do you mean "how many frames shall be presented in advance" under Windowed & Exclusive mode settings?
"Use D3D11 Automatic Hardware Decoding" is referring to LAV Filters settings, not MadVR, correct?

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