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(2018-08-09, 12:50)popy Wrote: @luci5r :
Also set the upscale/downscale options to DXVA.
Can post my complete settings at the evning.

Do you use kodi 18 to launch the external players?
In my case, on kodi 18a3, after pressing stop to exit MPC-HC, it closes, madvr switches back the resolution to 1080p and kodi just stuck/hangs.
How is your PCF experience?

Thank you

I am using MPC-BE and DVDFab3 as external players, with Kodi Leia latest nightly, Windows 10 Pro 17730, nVidia GTX 1080, nVidia drivers version 385.28.

The only issue I have with PCF is a known one, that once you play a video with an external player, every single video will be played with that external player, regardless of the rules in the PCF, until you restart Kodi.  To me, just like others have pointed out, while this is annoying, it is something I can live with.

I do use Kodi to launch both of those external players, using the "Play using..." option (press "C" on any title while browsing your library).  I don't use the stop function to exit either of the players.  I use a Harmony Ultimate remote and I have it set up like this:

Exit button, long press sends F7.  In MPC-BE, I mapped F7 to the close function.

So, when I long press Stop while watching a movie with MPC-BE, it exits, there is the brief moment when the display shows black as it switches back to not HDR, and Kodi resumes exactly where it was.  As recommended by @brazen1 and others, I have my Kodi resolution at 4K (3,840 x 2,160 pixels), as well as my Windows Desktop (3,840 x 2,160 8-bit RGB Full in the nVidia Control Panel).

For DVDFab3, I have not been able to find a way to change its default keyboard mappings.  However, I found a way to accommodate my usage.  I added in the Harmony app the device Microsoft Media Player SE (thank you @Warner306 !), which comes with some pre-programmed key combinations, like Alt-F4.  So, to exit DVDFab3 and return to Kodi, I mapped Stop, long press, to Alt-F4.  That way DVDFab3 closes, like with MPC-BE and returns to Kodi no problem.

I just found out about this device yesterday, so now I know I can further refine my setup by remapping MPC-HC close to Alt-F4, and using just the Exit button, long press in my remote to exit out of either external player.  I will be testing that today.

The Media Player SE device also has some other key combinations that could be used to start Kodi with one key from the remote, that is also something I will be trying out as well.

Other notes regarding controlling DVDFab3 from the remote:

1. I assigned the FF key to send F, which works in Kodi, and also works in DVDFab3.  In fact, it works the same way, by switching between 2X,4X,8X,16X and 32X (I know Kodi goes up to 32X) each time you press it.  In Kodi, pressing Play gets you back to normal speed, but in DVDFab3 the key is N, so I mapped the long press of Play to N in my remote.
2.  The same works with RW.  I mapped it to R, which works in Kodi and also works in DVDFab3, the same way as FF.
3. I use subtitles a lot, so I mapped the yellow button in my remote (I am not using it for anything else) to V, which is the key in DVDFab3 which cycles through the subtitle options.
4. I mapped the blue button in my remote to F2, which is the Info key in DVDFab3.  I use this to check that it is indeed playing HDR content (it provides a small display with video and audio info on the top right of the screen during playback).  I didn't use the Info button in my remote, since I have that mapped to I for Kodi and long press to show me Remaining Time in MPC-BE.

I hope this info is useful.


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