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(2018-08-22, 18:50)brazen1 Wrote: Please confirm or deny my findings.  It should only take a couple minutes.  It will not harm your install.
You need a 4k display using nVidia with KODI v.18 nightly - nothing else.  I've tried a few nightlies including the latest 8-22.  Makes no difference.
I don't care which nVidia driver you are using.  I tried 385.28 and am currently trying the newest 398.82.  Makes no difference.  I have not customized the driver at all and left it at default install settings.

Your desktop resolution should be at 2160p and KODI auto matches by also being set at 2160p.

Open KODI v.18.  x86 or x64 makes no difference.  Hopefully you have v.18 installed already.  I don't care if you use windowed, fullscreen, or any other settings in KODI.  I tried combos of them all and it makes no difference.  You may need to press "\" or window KODI any way you see fit so you can access the desktop in order to open nVidia Control Panel.  There are many ways to access while KODI is open and makes no difference.

Open nVidia Control Panel.

Change the resolution from 2160p to 1080p.  Just 1080p is fine and 1080p3D is not necessary but results in the same bug.

Your display will flash as it changes resolution.  You will probably need to accept the change in NCP.

Now close or minimize NCP so you can see KODI or bring it in focus.

On my system KODI is wasted without touching it.  This is just how it ends up after the resolution change occurs.  It does not respond and I'm usually met with Windows pop-up to close or wait for it to respond followed by another pop-up to send error report.  Depending on the various settings possible, you could end up with a tiny KODI inside another Window or a few artifacts in a white or black screen and nothing else.  I've seen em' all.  Doesn't matter.  KODI is wasted and does not respond to anything.  You may need to change resolution back to 2160p before it occurs but I didn't.

Is this true or similar for you?

The 3D problem I posted earlier is related to this since 3D requires a resolution change from 2160p to 1080p.  There were no testers because they didn't have 3D displays.  So, this simulates the same situation without needing 3D capability.  It also eliminates the PCF.xml as a possible cause since it's not even used in this test.  It also eliminates any possible movie files such as 3D or iso's being problematic since no file needs to be played.  This is as I stated when I presented the problem originally.  KODI v.18 crashes on resolution change and this test is pretty simple, fast, and accurate.

Please help me out so I know if this is due to my system or it is a wide spread bug.  Again, after trying, KODI will return to normal next start once you set 2160p back in NCP.

Hi @brazen1 I installed Leia latest nightly over 17.6 and I did your test. I set KODI windowed, opened NCP and changed the resolution to 1080p. Then went back to KODI and everything was factioned well.
The strange thing was that the KODI window always insisted to stay on top of NCP window. Every few seconds it was stealing the focus of the other window.
But remember the test made with my settings (YCbCr 10bits 23Hz).
After all these, things got messed up a lot and I am now formatting and starting over. So I can not do any more tests at the moment.
Hope I helped...
W10 1809/MPC-BE KODI/1060 6GB/YCbCr 4:4:4/12bit Desktop mode=23Hz Video mode=Matched Refresh rates/LG OLED65E6V UHD HDR 3D/ Pioneer SC-LX901
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