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Your'e the one who's taking this too personal and serious, making a total vanity question out of it. Trying to turn out my words and suggesting fakely and for no reason that it supposed to mean something directly offending towards your person. On the top of it, just to give more weight to your pleading words and project your frustration on myself, you trying to hit some malicious overtone with reversibly deconstructing my statements, embellished with cynical personal accusations to -unnecessarily- gain back the pretense of the infallible and yet even -again: only in your construct- ungodlikely questioned tutor. So it looks like -despite no matter how univocal it seams- I must emphasize here, that the content and the purpose of my post has nothing to do witch such intentions. Writing simply the facts that based on what I've -and as I've already read it on several other forums and in multiple other info sources, not just presumably by many other users have- experienced, that's all.

Ok, to just simply cut to short this big bottomed melodrama: take this very pure and simplified example: I'm a totally newbie, with not so much experience and rather uninformed regarding my freshly bought Samsung TV, or with media players and video playback and such devices and subjects in general. I run through your guide and also set up my Samsung TV as suggested, with those settings covering the Motion Plus feature. Then I trying to play back, watch and enjoy -from whatever device- some videos and after a few minutes I've just perceiving those anomalies I've informed this Thread about. Random Hiccups, scampers, and micro-stutters, maybe with some artifacting and surely with that unnaturally over-smoothed motion effect. Thinking what settings might have been wrong, searching for some solution and thus wasting time in entirely different registers thus also totally ineffectively and useless, or just -because of my lack of experience and in worst case- account it as some "normal" phenomena, that "must be" the inevitable and incorrigible accompany of this activity. 

Well, I'm happy I won't have to, and very much presumably, others would rather be as well. That's all.
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