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@brazen1 Thanks for your reply.

In my case, when KODI resizes to the top left after closing MPC-BE, it is working normally, doesn't freezes but of course it is not usable and I have to close it (by pressing the assigned button in my remote for Alt+F4 and Enter) and reopen it again.

We have already discussed my decision to use permanently the 23Hz refresh rate and the GUI behavior compared to 60Hz. In my case, back in late 2016, when I bought my LG TV and using my HTPC with GTX960, when started playing a movie with Video Player it was taking ages to change the refresh rate from 60Hz to 23Hz. Some times more than 30 seconds or so. So this was the only solution for me to start a movie almost instantly. As the time passed and as Nvidia drivers matured I noticed that this gap was minimized but never was acceptable for my taste, so I sticked to that refresh. Also in my TV and in my eyes never noticed any GUI lags, stuttering or anything else.
The very big and great surprise was when I first installed Leia x64 on a clean Windows installation... Before, with KODI 17.6, when starting an HDR movie there was 4,5 or 6 sec for the TV to change to HDR, but with Leia it was just instant! It was jaw dropping for me after all this time and I decided again to stick to 23Hz because I didn't want to lose this behavior.

As for the problems with the Video Player, they were there from the first time I installed Leia. And in every combination of hardware I used [i7 6700K on Z170 chipset and GTX1050Ti or 1060 3GB or 6GB] or [i3 8100 on B360 chipset with same Nvidia cards] or [Ryzen 5 2400G on X470 chipset with integrated graphics or same Nvidia cards). So the chance to be something off in my system is minimal. I will search for this in other threads but for now I set MPC-BE to be the main player for everything and is working perfect. Also this solved for me the audio issues of the past Nvidia drivers and KODI Video Player.

I did the test with KODI and changed refresh from 60Hz to 23Hz and everything with KODI is normal with no problems, except that it insists to steal focus from NCP every few seconds and I had to press the "Windows" key in my keyboard to go back to NCP to apply or accept the new settings. 
BUT, when I made the test with changing resolution from 2160p to 1080p then yes, KODI resizes to top left corner but in my system is still alive and I can exit and close it from within.
I hope that I remember right but I think, a few days ago, once or twice, I left KODI open, with windows ribbons screen saver on as always and switched the TV off. After some time I turned the TV on and then I found KODI resized on the top left corner... :-)

Also I think I reported wrong in my previous post about audio issues with latest 411.63 drivers. I tested again and it seems that everything is working like 385.28. If you can test them and report your opinion it would be great.


W10 1809/MPC-BE KODI/1060 6GB/YCbCr 4:4:4/12bit Desktop mode=23Hz Video mode=Matched Refresh rates/LG OLED65E6V UHD HDR 3D/ Pioneer SC-LX901
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