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(2018-11-18, 20:52)brazen1 Wrote: I've mentioned the Windows Audio Properties bug many times since it's inception many moons ago:  I've been editing the nVidia driver installation to workaround it.  You'll notice it also doesn't auto switch from stereo to multichannel when you turn the AVR off/on and vice versa.  Folks told me not to turn the AVR off and to me that's ridiculous.  You'll also notice when the AVR is off, and it's stuck on 7.1 (multichannel) you can't play videos such as youtube unless you manually switch it to stereo.  Here's what to do:

Driver 416.94 is problematic for 3D using MPC-BE but not other players.  It reduces the player resized to upper left corner.  I use 416.81 at the moment.  Hopefully the driver and the player coordinate again some time in the future.  Don't use 24 bit 96000 Hz.  Use 24bit 48000.  Download nVidia driver version 388.59.  This is the last working audio driver bug free.  Every version after this is broken. 

Create a 'new folder' on your desktop. 
Unzip the driver installation to 'new folder' on your desktop. 
Don't install driver once it is done examining your PC. 
Copy 'HD Audio' folder from 'new folder' you just unzipped to your desktop and save it for future driver installs. 
Delete 'new folder'. 
Create a new 'new folder'. 
Download v.416.81 and unzip it to your new 'new folder'.  It will examine your PC and ask to start the installation.  Don't. 
When it pauses, RENAME 'new folder' to something different. 
Replace the 'HD Audio' folder with the one you saved earlier. 
Cancel the installation.  Now the 416.81 unzipped install folder won't auto delete because you renamed it midstream installation. 
Run the setup.exe in your folder that now has the old but working 'HD Audio'.
Once installation is complete, audio problem will be fixed.
After using the edited install folder, it will never work again after using it once.  If you screw something up, you'll have to do it over again.  Same with next time you update unless they fix the audio driver.  But save that working HD Audio folder you extracted in step one to speed things up next time.
All of this is already covered in the guide.
Then , I started willingly in applying the various steps in audio reconstruction provided by you , I think I have left nothing to chance in following the various steps , but, unfortunately, it is not working , if I set 7.1 multichannel and 24 bit 48000 Hz I apply and save, Audio, returns to a stereo position after the output from the audio setting of Windows 10 v. 1809.
I would like to point out when I installed the 385.28 driver version with bug-free audio , with version of windows 10 1803 ,Audio set 7.1 multichannel and 24 bit 96000 Hz 385.28 driver nVidia it worked perfectly ,what does not happen now with Win10 1809 and nVidia 385.28 driver.
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