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This guide describes much more than you assume.  You've misunderstood my words to you.  Stereoscopic is always engaged on my system.  It has to be because I use other 3D formats than simply SBS or TAB.  For those who only use SBS or TAB, it doesn't matter if stereoscopic is engaged or not in the NCP or O/S display settings.  KODI is able to play SBS or TAB formats and stereoscopic does not need to be engaged for these in the O/S or the NCP (nVidia Control Panel).  But for frame packed MVC 3D (99% of my 3D titles), they do.  Because official KODI is NOT capable of playing frame packed MVC 3D, I rely on other players that are and I launch them from the KODI software as a seamless operation meaning I never actually leave KODI and initiate anything because it's all automated with one press of the remote control button on any title while in the KODI library. 

You ask what software (player) allows FHD3D.  There are many.  I use MPC-HC, MPC-BE, and PowerDVD for 3D.  I also use DVDFab Media Player v.3 for some HDR scenarios.  Lastly, I use KODI's VideoPlayer for other situations including HDR and 3D.  At times I prefer using an external player for SBS and TAB titles even though KODI VideoPlayer handles them.  The choices are endless. 

As stated, I no longer have those 4k 3D.mkv files (similar to what you are using) I created years ago.  I only use untouched, unaltered, 1:1 frame packed MVC 3D rips (commonly referred to as iso's or raw file structure folders without a container) that are of course FHD3D and I'm forced to use an external player that handles them.  However, I have a couple SBS and TAB files but they are half SBS and half TAB and of no use to test KODI's internal VideoPlayer if it handles full SBS or full TAB anymore for you today.  A few years ago when I DID do this test, the KODI player did handle them.  That's why I linked my post from that era for your review.  In the KODI OSD of that picture I posted back then, you can clearly see the KODI player is rendering the native resolution of the file I created - 3840 x 2040 SBS 3D.  I've no idea if this still true but you say other posts say it isn't.  In that case, use an external player known to pass Full HD 3D and as stated, add KODI last.  For now, install and setup a player to run solo until you have your 3D working and automated as much as possible.  Then you can setup KODI to launch it just as if it was built -in. 

Don't know what else to describe or try to help you with other than this guide will guide you multiple different ways to achieve what ever it is you want to do but it will require you read it, follow it and apply some dedication. You know the drill.  Everything you're asking is covered in this guide.  I don't mind reiterating some personal touch for folks now and then but at some point you should read and try to follow the A-Z directions I've provided.  I've extended myself to you if you find it too complicated but if it's a matter of time or you find it too cumbersome, I'm not your guy. 

I don't know the percentage of how many TV's halve 3D resolution?  Mine doesn't.  That's because I'm using Active 3D tech vs Passive 3D tech as I already mentioned to you.  Owners of 4k displays with Passive 3D tech like LG OLED's swear that even though every other line of horizontal resolution on their panels are black off pixels (unlike my panel where every single pixel is active and in use and both displays use the exact same number of pixels), they see resolution just as I do because the increased amount of pixels 4k adds are so many, they magically make up for half the ones lost and they don't notice.  They go on to swear that even though only half the pixels are lighting up and doing something, the picture is somehow superior to an active panel that uses all of the pixels.  Personally I think it's a gimmick of fake news to sell the tech.  I don't know the tech for your PJ but you should.  Active or Passive, the picture is going to look great if the source is great.  I started with a perfect source at 43GB and after encoding ended up at 63GB stripped for that x264 title I created years ago that is similar to yours.  How many GB's is your file and is it x264?  This should give you some idea about your source and what you expect of it.
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10/1909 MPC-BE\HC PDVD19 DVDFab3&5 KODI 19 PotPlayer 960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop=60Hz/Video=Matched Refresh rates 8/12bit/65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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