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(2019-01-10, 17:56)brazen1 Wrote: Hi luci5r.

1) Yes
2) The screen shots are older and based on what madVR could do for me at the time.  The .bin I provided is a little more up to date but mainly I shared it because the profiles I use are setup for users.  The adjustments in those profiles would differ from GPU to GPU.  I use a GTX 960 4GB.  You a 1080.  You can achieve higher settings than me if you desire.
3) There was a time I was experimenting to get 3D perfect with madVR.  At that time when I played an HDR title, stereoscopic would disable in the NCP and did not turn back on automatically.  This meant a subsequent playback of a 3D title would only render 2D.  So, I created the .bats to automate the NCP toggle of stereoscopic when a 3D title started and added them to a madVR 3D profile to initiate them.  Since then, the bug was fixed and stereoscopic remains engaged during and after playing an HDR title now properly so the .bats are no longer needed nor the special profile in madVR to launch them.
4) Not really.  I have lowered some of my settings in madVR to accommodate 4k at 60Hz but I have no titles that are actually that frame rate - just test files I like to double check are still playable with my GPU considering things change.  In the end, I increase the settings back for 4k at 24Hz which is less demanding.

Thanks for your response & for clarifying!

In that case I'll revert mainly to using the settings.bin file. For the initial setup, I'm not really looking for any higher settings than the baseline you're using - I really don't think I need it (even if my GPU can support it) and I can definitely tell you, after a certain point my eyes are just not going to see the difference Smile

If you feel you may have made further changes to MadVR settings since the last time you posted the 'settings.bin', I wouldn't mind getting a newer/latest settings.bin from you - definitely makes things easier for newer MadVR users.

Good to know about the .bat files. Wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. 

Ah, yes, I don't believe I have any 4K @ 60hz content, so I'll stick with the 4K @ 24Hz settings. 

So after configuring everything, I'm noticing a video issue. This is going to be hard to explain but I'm going to try my best.

The best word I can describe for it would be "judder". I want to clarify, it is not the same as when you try to play 24Hz video in 60Hz. And It's not happening to all the motion on the screen. It only happens to certain motions on the screen. It's like a judder, like lag in motion. 

If you look at this screenshot below from 'Oblivion'. Imagine if Tom Cruise moves his head in this scene, there is a very prominent judder motion in his head - like you can see a vibration or repeated frames or something. But the rest of the scene is perfectly smooth. The objects around him or in the background do not experience the judder. Only certain prominent objects on screen. 


This is only happening in MPC-BE/MadVR as setup per Post #205. If I play the same video in Kodi or PowerDVD, this does not happen. If I play a UHD HDR Disc in my Disc Player on the same screen, it does not happen. So it's definitely something that is limited to MPC-BE/MadVR and I'm guessing it's something in my settings. 

You guys know more about this than I do, so it may be something apparent to you guys. Appreciate any advice I can get.

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