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Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can't seem to get 3d MVC MKVs to work with a GTX960 2GB. I really have no interest in 2d, 4k or HDR. It was my understanding that this should be possible with minimal effort using the Afedchin version of Kodi. I have an AMD FX6300 CPU and an Asrock 970 pro 3 motherboard. I use a Benq HT2050a projector. Do I need an Intel CPU? Over on the Afedchin board, it is made to sound like all that was needed was to add the libmfx32.DLL to the install folder. I tried that and the December MVC build and it didn't work. I got a top/bottom image, but the projector would have to be manually switched to 3d mode and frame packed wasn't a selectable option. Next I came to this forum and started the steps in the OP. Got an old enough driver installed, went through the Nvidia 3d setup (worked fine switching to 3d), then selected the resolutions at the end. Tried Kodi again, still didn't work right. Next I went to post #97 and set the Kodi settings to that in the post, ran Nvidia 3d setup again, left the 3d box checked and set resolutions again. I went looking for the Intel Media SDK 2016 download, but couldn't find it anywhere, so downloaded 2019 instead. When trying to install it complained of not having an Intel CPU, so I exited. I don't understand what the media SDK does anyhow? Next I created the advanced settings XML and tried Kodi again. When playing a 3d mkv, the projector goes into 3d frame packed mode and my glasses sync, but the image is not 3d. The movie I am testing has 3d credits at the beginning and they just show 2d with kind of a shadow behind them. I did NOT do the enable/disable bat files, because it seemed to be to do with using an external player, I'm just wanting to use Kodi. I also skipped the plugin, because that seemed to be for the bat files. My 3d mkv file plays fine, in 3d, on another machine with all Intel hardware with the MVC version of Kodi. If am in way over my head or just too thick to get it, please feel free to say so. I decided to try nvidia, because my Intel machine is now having audio sync issues and the Zidoo x9s I bought doesn't seem to play any 3d files, mkv or iso.
Thank you to anyone who can help.
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