.NFO file naming
TMM is fantastic. I am using it to create the correct .nfo to use on YAMJ/A-410.
However I notice that my .nfos are either names as movie.nfo or BDMV.nfo for folders with the bluray structure.
eg if I have z:\movies\skyfall with a BDMV and Certificates folder, I was hoping to see a skyfall.nfo file, not movie.nfo or BDMV.nfo
( Enabling the index.bdmv option is worse as it creates a .nfo further down the Bluray folder structure)

Is it possible to have a nfo with the right movie name for blurays ?
nfo files in BR/DVD folders are quite a "mess" - here is no 100% specification from Kodi how we should handle this.

I hope Myron has some time soon to give more infos because this was his part and I do barely have any information about this topic Smile
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sorry for slow feedback - was on vacation ^^

Let's try to sum this up:
First of all, TMM creates these NFOs only for the purpose of being imported (mainly) to Kodi.
So you have barely choice of naming your files.. we have to stick to what's supported.
XBMC/Kodi supports many different naming schemes, and where to place the corresponding NFO.
Other mediacenters mostly orientate on Kodi, so the naming should be the same.
TMM tries to adhere the user settings, but overrides values whenever needed.
(all information were gathered through wiki, where mostly only DVD examples are)


In TMM, currently 3 options are present (for ALL types & structures)
For single movies, this should be simply clear:

  1. this NFO will be named like the movie FILE
    so a skyfall.avi will get a skyfall.nfo
  2. will produce a simple movie.nfo;
    This only works, when we detect that the movie is in it's own directory - else it will be skipped
  3. is always skipped here, since there is no DVD folder (regardless of setting)


For DVDs (and nowadays BluRays) you have(had) barely NO choice.
Till XBMC, the rule was, to put the .NFO in the same directory where the .IFO is, and name it like the movie FILE
if you have extracted your DVD plainly to the movieroot
the correcsponing movieFILEname is VIDEO_TS.VOB -> which results in VIDEO_TS.NFO

Since many people didn't like to have the extracted DVD in the root folder, and to clutter the whole thing with posters, fanarts and other things,
you also can have a dedicated VIDEO_TS folder inside your movieroot, where you put your DVD 1:1, and all other things outside.

This is great, but what about XBMC? Still the same rules apply... put it in the same folder where the .IFO is...
For Kodi, it could be placed outside... if it is named like the DVD folder -> VIDEO_TS.NFO


So, with the information above, this is how the settings in TMM works for DVD structures:

  1. movieFILEname.nfo
    this will write a video_ts.nfo/bdmv.nfo, if we find a corresponding moviefile or folder
  2. still the same, write an additional movie.nfo
  3. Now this is kinda the oldstyle mode, where we put the nfo inside the DVD/BR folder


Another thing has been encountered (yet to be verified)
Upon importing / setting up the mediasource within Kodi, there are many different options:
I'm not entirely sure, what they are all about, but sometimes content won't be found if you use mixed items.

Having movies in single directories, in separate ones, DVD folders in root and within separate directories...
and dependent on what NFO naming you have (!) Kodi finds it (or not)

If you have a movie.nfo AND a video_ts.nfo, Kodi sometimes does not assume this as DVD and further not read/find this.
Even worse if you had a skyfall.nfo! When reading the directory alphabetically, XBMC assumed that ther MUST be a file skyfall.*
Funnily, this worked well with a zoolander.nfo, where the video_ts.nfo was parsed first and the DVD was correctly "detected".
So, XBMC/Kodi relies SOLELY on the NFO file naming, and only in second thought on the structure :/

So the best practise for me was, to ONLY use 1) <moviefilename>.nfo for all kind of movies...

br Myron
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thanks mate. that is useful.

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