Kodi audio cuts out on G-box Q
Hello All,

Not sure if this will make sense to all but wanted to ask. I am on Kodi Isengard 15 beta 2 and setup stalker 0.8 PVR client and getting a guide with is.gd website running on a G-Box Q android TV box.

My Issue is: Whenever I watch any channel from Main Screen: TV -> Channels or TV -> Guide with the Stalker PVR client, I get audio to cut out on me every 1-3 min for a second or two and then stream continues... It's very frustrating since it's hard to watch anything when you miss what is being said. This happens constantly ever 1-3 min for a sec or 2...This does not happen when playing streams via Genesis, Phoenix, IceFilms, Pandora, Plex etc.. and also does not happen if I watch NFPS using Stalker video addon. Only the Live TV.. All other internet streams work fine. This also happens whether I route sound through tv speakers or a home theater via digital optical out. If this is not the correct forum/thread please let me know what I can post this for help. Anyone know why this is happening or how to fix or a path to chase down to fix?
This seems like a more general kodi problem. Posting here or here will probably get you more attention. You could try though to set the video decoding to software only, if you haven't already, to rule out it's G-Box Q hardware related.
I have this same or similar problem running kodi 15 RC 2. I have pvr stalker installed on 3 devices, PC, Fire tv stick and android phone. On every device every channel I watch it has audio "hiccups" every 10-15 seconds, wherebye audio cuts out for a split second but the picture isnt affected. It is the same issue on iptv simple client.

I have tried every setting in kodi audio and still it persists. Everything else I view on kodi works perfectly, it seems to be an issue within kodi's PVR builds.
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Kodi audio cuts out on G-box Q00