TV Shows Metadata Problem
Migrating over to Kodi -- long time user of MB. I had a few problems with metadata with my movies collection. I was using mediacenter master to scrap my data and the /nfo files where not being recognized by Kodi. I switched over to tinymedia scrapper and solve the movie problems. The problem I have now is with TV shows. I use the simple naming conventions (TVshows/%show name%/season/episode name). The TV shows are stored on a NAS. When I add the new TV shows the files show up in the video files section properly, but not under TV shows. I can add them individually when I go into the video files section, pull up the context menu and click the TV show information - it scans quickly and then the show will populate the TV shows tab - all metadata/art is perfect. My question - is there any way I can get Kodi to automate this process so I don't have to go to the context menu for each show? I have several computers and don't want to do this for each one (I haven't worked with sharing my database -- that's another weekend project).
For the TV shows, make sure that only the lowest level folder for the given TV show (the one which will only contain episodes from the same entry in the TV database you're scraping from) has the "Selected Folder Contains a Single TV Show" entry selected from context menu > change content. So in your case it would be the %show name% level.

Also make sure that the folders are set to contain TV shows in the same menu ("This directory contains" at the top is set to TV SHOWS) and that a suitable scraper (usually The TVDB) is selected on that screen.

Also make sure that the episode titles are in the correct SxxExx containing format, and that the show titles match their corresponding entries in the database the scraper is referring to.

If all of that is correct then the whole data tree should be recursively scanned. More details are available on the wiki - Naming_video_files/TV_shows (wiki)
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I think he has all the info he want's already scraped... if that's the case, edit your source (right click in files list) and select the "local information only" scraper. It should ask you if you want to refresh all items in that path. If not you may need to remove the source... clean the library... remake the source.

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