can i minimize my kodi porn
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if im watching porn or a movie and i need to hide it from the wife,lol is there a button to minimize it in case of interuption,you would think a tab would exist for privacy.
X would stop it. That would just drop back to the library or file browser though.

You could probably do Windows Key + D or Windows Key + M to minimize, but then you would have to mute it as well.
Nice topic Smile

You could just script something.
What would be the dream scenario? A single keyboard key that closed Kodi, and opened something else, or? Tell me Smile
I would suggest to watch it together,
Could be more fun also
LibreElec Kodi | Aeon MQ ?
Mute the wife?
I think he's after a script that will close it and open a browser window that shows you looking for a romantic weekend away 😀😀
Hahaha Big Grin
Is hard drive encryption also a requirement? Smile

You can press the \ key on your keyboard and Kodi will not run in fullscreen. Then you can resize the window.
I take it you'll need the solution to have one handed operation.Big Grin
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It's somewhat disruptive but, since Very old days when the computer used to hang few times a day, I've made an extension cord with the Reset button. I almost never use it, but whenever I watch something my woman doesn't even want to know I'm watching.. It's in my hand ready to instantly "kill" the cpu and darken the screen…

It also helps that being in wheelchair so I "must have that reseting wire in case my windows goes bsod"… Smile
On a serious note...

If you feel the need to hide this kind of thing from your wife, you have bigger issues at hand.
(2015-06-24, 05:48)crackers Wrote: On a serious note...

If you feel the need to hide this kind of thing from your wife, you have bigger issues at hand.
Or smaller issues at his hand... You've not seen Big Grin
Man you really should divorce if you need to hide stuff from your wife.
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Reading the thread title, I thought the OP wanted a simpler kodi skin Confused
I'm a XBMC novice :)

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