kodi full screen bug ?
Hello everyone , i just install a kodi 15 beta 2 on my linux-mint and when i run the kodi programm in my session :


how to do that the TV display the image in the good horizontal axe ?

i can ' t adjust it on my tv ...
Oh yeah...I see. Fix is easy. Turn your TV for 180° Wink

Just kidding...

Your issue can be solved by setting up your TV correctly and disable the overcan option. Just take a look at the manual.

If you can't find it, you can do some screen calibration, but I won't do that, as you will loose a bit of the resolution then.
there is a bug for me , in addition to the problem of horizontal alignment, I can never stop kodi normally when I click out, kodi freezes and I have to do a hard reboot . tested with kodi 14.2 helix and 15 beta2 isengard.

help me please

your forum displays al pictures upside too ....
For this you have to provide a Debug Log

But I guess, as it is very often the case, disable the "version check" addon and try again.

see here: 230486 (thread)

If this doesn't help. provide a Debug Log, please
Hello everyone,
I have just a very strange behavior as soon as I turn off the full screen mode. When i switch from Kodi to the OS surface everything is fine but when i do this for the second time the entire image begins to flicker (only when i move the mouse cursor). Then it looks something like this... Big Grin


You can find the logfile to this procedure here

Kodi 15 RC2 is running on an Intel Nuc5i3ryk with Win 8.1.

Has anyone else problems with the disabled full-screen mode?

Tbh...this is the Linux section. So I think your question would be better placed in windows subforum Wink
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