How to Crhomecast movies and video from my Pc using xmbc Kodi
Hi guys,


First of all,few words about me...
I'M an retired old man who likes travel,cycling and cross country skiing . But winter is very long in North western Quebec (Canada) so I appreciate a lot to look many movies at the TV.

I have a lot of movies(videos) recorded in my desktop and habitually I transfer them in a USB key and place the key in the Tv.

Two weeks ago I read comments about Kodi and Yatse, his Adroid remote control. I own few tablets, so I installed Kodi in my desktop and Yatse in a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10'5. The system works,I can start movies from my tablet to my Pc screen.

Now I search a way to command from Yatse to send a film from the Pc to my Tv. Considering I own actally a Chromecast, what is the best way to do it (if it is possible to do) ?

Thank's for the advice(s)
The answer here is to get your PC to display directly on the TV first. A graphic card with an HDMI output plugged into your TV or AV/receiver is the best solution, then you use Yatse on your tablet to control Kodi.
Thank's Patk for the answer,

Quote:HDMI output plugged into your TV or AV/receiver is the best solution

The difficulty is if I consider the way to follow from my Pc room to the tv it is about 13-14 meters (40-45 feets). This solution is hard to install (place cable under the floor ect) and probably with signal loss .

Buy a chromebox and plug it into your tv. Network it back to your PC. Check out powerline networking if you can't run a Ethernet cable.
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Or perhaps look at the Plex add-on for Kodi and use the Plex app on the chromecast?
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All of the above, but an HDMI cable will easily do that distance and be the most cost effective of the solutions. Look up Monoprice for their cables, the HDMI digital will have no loss (it either works or doesn't, I've done a number of advertising installations of this length and more). A side solution is picking up the MK808B plus and install Kodi 15.2b on it and use a USB drive back & forth (the wifi is the pitts). There's many more boxes on the internet, check the sticky in the hardware forum.

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How to Crhomecast movies and video from my Pc using xmbc Kodi0
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