Scanning Music Videos using the
I have 15 beta 2 setup on my Nvidia Shield TV. I'm using emby for managing my media on my server and Titan Media Browser Beta for my skin. I have no music videos nor have I setup any source to have music videos. In fact the only sources I added were one for photos via smb on my server (since I didn't see any where to associate the same path setup in emby for Kodi) and a generic "Files" source which just points to my server so I can check things outside of the DB's associations.

At startup I get the message "Scanning Music Videos using the" and then it happens again a few minute later if I don't touch anything. I see that I can't uninstall or disable this addon, nor do I know where it's installed to forcefully pull it out.

Any ideas why this is happening and how to stop it?
I have this problem, about three years later. Any idea how you fixed it?

I have just installed Emby Server and have diverted my movie and tv libraries to Kodi through it, with varying levels of success. But I've done nothing with music videos in Emby and yet that message appears all the time. At the start of any video in fact.

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Scanning Music Videos using the Audiodb.com00